Classroom Fundraiser

We are happy to announce that we have made a special arrangement with to assist with your fundraising needs. This arrangement will allow you to quickly and easily create a Fundraiser for your classroom, school, PTA, or organization. We chose to work with because they offer a magazine fundraising opportunity with the following benefits:
  • A full 50% of the proceeds are paid directly to you.
  • The product prices have been discounted to encourage widespread participation.
  • Offers a huge selection of family appropriate magazines to choose from.
  • Parents can either purchase new magazine subscriptions or renew their current ones.
  • Magazines make great gifts too!
  • No elaborate set-up process. Just create an account and get started.

Your enrollment for this fundraiser has not yet been completed. Click on the "Last Modified" line in the footer of this page to create your classroom fundraiser or for instructions on how to remove this page.