About the Teacher

NAME Lucy : Trudeau

SCHOOL Thompson Middle:

CLASS 8th Grade Science:

SCHOOL PHONE 860-923-9382 ext. 103:

I am beginning my 8th year of teaching and I am excited to be beginning  the 2010-2011 year.
The 8th grade team is a wonderful group of teachers and we truly care about each and every student 
that we have the pleasure to be teaching.

Teaching is my second career.  I was a Medical Technologist for 16 years before a latex allergy forced 
me out of the lab.  It was a blessing in disguise.  I absolutely love teaching and bring to it a world of 
knowledge about Science in the real world.  I have two sons attending college, one a senior at TUFTS 
University and the other a sophomore at The University of New Hampshire.  My husband is an avid 
hunter and taxidermist as well as a Harley enthusiast.  We spend many hours on the bike.  I enjoy 
stamping with Mrs. Chenail in my free time as well as exercising.    Many days you will see me 
"sparkling" because of a stamp project being completed late at night!