The goal of the Worthington Hooker Library Media Program is to build a community of information literate students. An information literate student accesses, evaluates and uses information effectively. In addition, the information literate student enjoys literature and seeks out resources to satisfy personal interests.


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  • Online library catalogs for the K-2 and 3-8 library media centers
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  • On-line reference sources and homework help
  • Resources to help you with your History Day project
  • Resources for teachers (and parents!)
  • Technology tips and tutorials
  • A blog to let us know what you are reading
  • Information about our Book Bowl competition
  • The website created for Worthington Hooker's 100th anniversary

Learn about the flags hanging in the Whitney Avenue Library Media Center by viewing this PowerPoint made by some students in Ms. Wilson's 2012-2013 fourth grade class!