Room Parent & Volunteer Information

Room Parents & Volunteering/Participating in the Classroom:

The role of being a "Room Parent" is given to the first two parents who request to take on this very
special and very time consuming role! If you are not a room parent, not to worry! There are many
opportunities to help out and volunteer!

Check out the role of our Room Parent as well as all the ways you can be a part of the action 
outlined below:

The role of the Room Parents includes:
- organizing year round celebrations
- help with organization of chaperones for class field trips
- hosting the Parent Social
- finding volunteers for class projects

Other opportunities for participating in and volunteering for class events include:
- help with holiday activities and celebrations (making snacks, leading a craft activity, dressing up 
   and reading aloud to the kids)
- parent reader*
- project material preparation (flip charts, salt dough for our relief maps, etc.)
- help leading a class project (relief maps for our Geography Unit)
- chaperone for field trip(s)
- Soup Kitchen donations
- Walk for the Homeless (donations, organization, and assembly of "goodie bags")

*Sign-ups for being a Parent Reader will be available beginning in October. If you are interested in
joining us, please contact our Lead Room Parent for 2011 - 2012, Jennie Bonney, at

Thank you so much for your interest is making our year wonderful and exciting!