Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities
We, the St. Ann's Athletic Association, can not do everything to make the Best possible environment for your student/athletes.  We NEED your HELP!!!  Volunteering can be as much as you want or you can do the bare minimum, which covers your participation.

Below are listed most of the volunteer positions that we really need help with.  Please consider helping.  Remember, if you Do Not participate in any of the below listed positions, you will be charged a $95.00 Non Involvement Fee.

If you already know that you will not volunteer, please fill out the Non Involvement form and submit a check made payable to St.Ann's Athletic Association for $95.00.  These checks will not be cashed until the end of each season.  So, if you decide to volunteer for one of the below listed positions, then the Non Involvement check will be returned to you.

If you want to volunteer or find out more, please email the Athletic Association at:  http://teacherweb.com/DE/StAnnSchool/AthleticAssociation/Email.aspx

Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Head Coach
  • Assistant Coach
  • Canteen Coordinator(s); organizing work schedules
  • Open/Close Gym Coordinator(s); scheduling people to open and close gym on weekends
  • Team Mom/Dad (coordinating team theme baskets for Monte Carlo Night)
  • Team Score Keeper
  • Team uniform Coordinator(s); give out and receive season uniforms
  • Pancake Breakfast Coordinator(s); easy to do
  • 2013 Fundraiser Committee Coordinator
  • 2013 Fundraiser Committee Member
  • Gym Maintenance (sweep before/after games 15 minutes; pick up trash)
  • First Aid Coordinator(s); putting together first aid kits for teams
  • Web master for St. Ann's Athletic Association web site (update calendar/forms) little computer skills needed
  • Special Projects Coordinator
  • Special Projects committee member (i.e. canteen renovation)
  • Spirit Wear Coordinator(s)
*****Please Print out this Form and Submit the Below portion with a check.  Please send all checks to St. Ann's Front Office.  Address:  2006 Shallcross Ave. Wilmington, DE 19806****

Non Involvement Form

Parent Name:___________________________________________________________


I am unable to participate in any of the Volunteer Opportunities____

Enclosed is a $95.00 check payable to St. Ann's Athletic Association