to our  2nd Science Bowl winners! 


1st place 



Congratulations to ALL of my students.  You did a fantastic job with the 2nd Science Bowl.  I know you have been studying and practicing with the really showed!  The next (3rd) Science Bowl will be in about a month and will include the words from adaptation through potential energy.  Keep studying and working hard so that you can be the next Science Bowl winner.


 to our  1st Science Bowl winners!


1st place 

Billie Joan


Sydney B.
Sydney L

All of the students did a great job with their first "real" Science Bowl.  WOW!!! I am so impressed.  Today's Science Bowl covered the spelling and vocabulary of the first 4 pages, from adaptation to equator. 

The next Science Bowl will be in about 1 month (check back for exact date) and include today's words and pages 8-10, up to "kinetic energy".  Students will be tested on the spelling and vocabulary of the words on pages 8-10 only (before we have our class Science Bowl competition).  Students should start working on flashcards and studying those words.  Don't leave it for the last moment.

I can tell that most students have really been studying and are getting a great understanding of these key science vocabulary words.  I am so proud of all of you!!!!!  

Keep up the good work !

Our next Science Bowl will take place in January.  It will include the words from page 4 to page 10 (adaptation to kinetic energy).  STUDY HARD!!!!