Book Project


There are many books written about western expansion and the Oregon Trail. 
Select one of these titles to read.
Bound for Oregon
A Pioneer Sampler
If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon
Westward ho with Ollie Ox
How Would You Survive in the American West
Rachel's Journal: The Story of a Pioneer Girl
Addie's Long Summer
Trouble for Lucy
Balazing a Wagon Trail to Oregon
A Day with the Cow Column
The Oregon Trail
Children of the Wild West
Along the Sante Fe Trail


Before selecting a book to read, make a KWL chart.

Step 1
  One column of the KWL chart presents "K".  What do you already know about 
the Oregon Trail?  Write all you know underneath the "K" column.

Step 2
  The next column is "W".  Write everything you want to learn and everything 
you expect to learn about the trail. 

Step 3
   The last column is "L".  After reading the book, write everything you 


Students should have written the answers to the following questions in the 
KWL chart.
*Why did emigrants travel on the Oregon / California or Sante Fe Trails?
*What did the emigrants expect to happen when they reached their final 
*Compare and contrast what the emigrants expected and what actually happened.
*What did they have to do to prepare for the journey?
*What happened to Native Americans before, during, and / or after migration?
*What was the impact of the Native American way of life as a result of 
westward expansion?