About the Teacher

NAME: William McCallum

SCHOOL: Belleview Middle School

CLASS: English Language Arts

EMAIL: william.mccallum@marion.k12.fl.us

Who am I??

My name is Mr. McCallum and I have been a 7th Grade Belleview Middle School 
teacher for 15 years. I have taught Language Arts continuously for 13 years. 
I have also taught Math, Reading, Social Studies, Science, and P.E. I am 
originally from New Hampshire and have lived in Ocala, Florida for the last 
19 years. I have a 10 year old daughter in public school so I understand 
what it is like to have a child in the classroom. I absolutely love to read 
and hope that I can find a series or author that will inspire your child to 
learn to love reading also. Lastly I am a RedSox fan and Labrador Retriever 

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