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Week of October 23rd, 2017

Decodable Spelling Words

(Short /u/)


run  fun  sun  bug  jug  rug  nut  hut  cut

lunch  skunk  men  head  one  could

High Frequency Words:

could, live, one, then, three

Dictation Sentence:

(*Please be mindful of Capitalization, Spacing, and Punctuation.)

1. The bug is in the mud.

2. The skunk was in the hut.


Write the Spelling Words 3X each.

*Please help your child sound out his/her words as

 he/she writes them.

*ORF Passage: Two 1-Minute Reads Monday - Thursday


Write the Dictation Sentneces 3X each.

*Please help your child sound out his/her words as he/she writes them.


Write the Spelling Words in ABC Order.

Write the Dictation Sentences 2X each.


Take a practice Spelling Test.

Parents: Have your child "sound out" and write the Spelling Words and the Dictation Sentence as you read them out loud.

Math Practice Pages

27, 28, 29, 30


Turn in all homework!

Have a great weekend!!!

Read this weekend and record the names of the books on the reading log.  Also practice any math pages that came home.

This Week in Reading

 Unit 2 Week 2

Comprehension Skill -

Characters, Setting, and Events


Genre -


Grammar -


Singular and Plural Nouns

Apostrophes with Contractions

Phonics Skills -

Short /u/

Writing -


Vocabulary Words -

collapsed, furious, materials, refused, shelter

High Frequency Words -

could, live, one, then, three


 Start Smart Kg Review Words


I, like, do, to, you, he, can, go, a, has, this, is, my, look,



little, the, we, here, play, where, are, and, she, with,


for, me, see, have, was, said