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Bear Mail
Happy Fall!!!
Welcome to our classroom!
100 Days Of School!!!
Cock-A-Doodle-Doo Chicken Cam and Virtual Field Trip
Eagle and Reindeer Cam
Flat Stanley
Just For Parents
ABC's of First Grade
Blandford Shooting Stars Club
Wish Tree
Class Schedule
Classroom Management
Brain Breaks!!
Student Links
Teacher Links
Word Families
Literacy Work Stations
Africa Unit
Plants and Animals Unit
The Blandford Bears Go Camping
Animal Expository Essays
Rock, Dino, and Fossil Unit
Bear Scrapbook 2006-2007
The First Week Of School
Asia Day
Apple Day 2011
Parents For Pumpkins 2011-2012
2011-2012 Field Trips
Blandford Pilgrim Village
Blandford Bear's Gingerbread Map 2011
Valentine's Day
Spring Egg Hunt 2012
Wild About Summer Safari 2011-2012
Mother's Day
Short A and Short I
Short E, O, and U
Silent E
-igh -i -y -ie Words
ai and ay Words!
-ow, -oe, -oa words
ea- ee Long E Words
-ch, -sh, -th, -wh words
consonant blends
r-controlled vowels
Silent Letters
oo words
ow and ou words
Prefix and Suffix
Fall Brainbreaks-Songs-Poems
Winter Brainbreaks-Songs-Poems
First Grade Fun Day 2016
Letter Practice B-C-D
You're a Grand Old Flag
E and F
Letters G and H
Literacy Week Dr, Seuss Theme

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Welcome to our classroom!

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