Daily Agenda

Please see below for this week's assignments:

8/24  Monday

CW:  Welcome & Orientation to 6th grade.

HW:  1) return all completed forms ASAP
2) Go to: falconcove.net, click on: faculty, 6th grade, Ms. Casbarro, link
Read all the different pages.
3) "All About Me" due Friday.  Add a photo of yourself, your pet, or anything you like
4) purchase supplies
5) Bring a DEAR book daily (paper or ebook)

8/25  Tuesday

CW:  Diagnostic Test Part 1

HW:  1) Continue returning forms
2) Review the falconcove.net website and the Online Textbook website. For how to get to the websites see the directions on the paper you got at Open House or on the first day of school.

8/26  Wednesday 

CW:  Diagnostic Test Part 2

HW:  1) Write or type a total of 3 paragraphs about the 3 websites you reviewed for Monday & Tuesday's HW.  (One paragraph per website.)  Include what you liked & how they will help you this year.

8/27  Thursday

CW:  Lesson 1-1, Integers

HW:  1) Watch "Math on the Spot" Videos on page 9 of the Online Textbook
2) Complete the "Personal Math Trainer" on the same page.  Try out the "Step-by-Step" button and other choices.
3) Return "All About Me" and any other forms you still have.

8/28  Friday

CW:  Lesson 1-2, Comparing & Ordering Integers

HW:  1) Watch "Math on the Spot" Videos on pages 14 & 15.
2) Go to my website on Sunday & print the Daily Agenda for next week - or - you can take a picture of it on your phone.  Bring to class on Monday.  Also read the Class Calendar & Announcements pages.  (Don't do this until the end of the weekend as it may not be up-to-date until then.)