Daily Agenda

Please see below for this week's assignments:

11/30  Monday

CW:  Care Cycle #3

HW:   Define Vocab from page 238 in the Vocab section of your binder (or make Vocab cards from USATestPrep).

Do p. 234, show work on #1-4 and 7.

Don't forget to update your binder if you have not done so yet...
Remove Modules 6,7,8 from your binder and keep them somewhere safe so you can use them to Study for the Midterm Test after Winter Break.
Place Modules 9 & 10 in your binder (Pages 231-294).  Be sure to bring your Binder with the NEW pages in it starting tomorrow.

12/1  Tuesday

CW:  Lsn. 9.1, Exponents

HW:  Watch MOTS p. 238 & 239.

"Google":  Why are Prime Numbers Important?" and "How are Prime Numbers Used Today?"  Write your answers down in your own words in the notes section of your binder.

Do p. 241 #22-42, EVENS ONLY

12/2  Wednesday 

CW:   Lsn. 9.2, Prime Factorization

HW:  Interactive Math p. 244, do at least 3 Factor Trees.   To prove you did it take a photo of one of the completed trees or print it out. (or copy it down).

Do p. 247,  show work for #12-15.

12/3  Thursday

CW:  Lsn. 9.3, Order of Operations

HW:  Watch MOTS p. 250 & 251.

Do p. 253, show work using the "Upside Down Triangle" Method.
Periods 1,2 & 5 do the whole page.
Periods 3 & 4, do ODDS only.

12/4  Friday

CW:  Ready to Go On?

HW:  Study for Module 9 Quiz on Monday.  Rewatch all MOTS for Module 9.  Read all examples in the textbook for Module 9.

Print or take a photo of the Daily Agenda. Read the Announcements page and the Class Calendar page on teacher website.