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Dear parents and students,
Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year. This is the site you will visit to see weekly classroom activities, past, present and future homework assignments. Come back often during the week and plan your schedule effectively. Assignments are also posted on the board everyday. On rare occasions, there might be slight changes and students will receive this notification in class.

   Students are enrolled in a high school credit course. In order to receive credit for this course, students have to successfully pass the course along with a mid-term exam given after the second quarter, and a final exam given at the end of the school year.

MIDTERM EXAM                                                       FINAL EXAM

Oral:                                                    Oral:       
Written:                                               Written:  
Make up:                                              Make up:

  This High School Credit course is intended for non-Spanish speaking students.  Spanish 2 will reinforce and enhance previously acquired basic skills in Spanish 1. It will continue developing communicative skills and a cross-cultural understanding while emphasizing oral communication and every day expressions. Students will increase their listening, reading, writing and oral skills, and fundamental of grammar and culture. They will work in small groups on a variety of activities, and will make oral presentations individually and in groups using the vocabulary and grammatical patterns they learn.

1. Check the website, especially if absent.
2. Review/study material covered in class on a daily basis.
3. Listen to your teacher and to your classmates, and try to think along with them.
4. Ask questions if you do not understand.
5. Speaking a language is a skill and developing a skill requires constant practice. The more you get involved, the faster your speaking and comprehension skills will improve.
6. Bring your supplies to class.
Classroom Rules:
1. Keep cell phones, apple watches &/or any other similar device off and inside your backpack.
Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate confiscation of these devices.
2.  Be seated and working when the second bell rings.

3.  Raise your hand to speak and wait to be called on.
4. Turn in all work on time.
5. Ask for permission to leave your seat.
6. Keep your area clean, and organize chairs before leaving the classroom.
7. No eating, drinking or chewing gum.
8. Respect other students and their property.

Discipline Assignments For Middle SchoolASSIGNMENTS are due on schedule. If an extension is needed, an email or note from the parents is required. Homework assignments are always posted on the board and on the web page.


1. Students have two days to make up work for each day they are absent.
2. It is entirely the student’s responsibility to turn in or make up any work.

  Tutoring | CherylBerman


- Tutoring is offered through the peer counseling program. Forms are available in class.

- School tutoring. Every Thursday after school (cafeteria)  TBA

There are frequent quizzes and a test after each unit.  Participation grade takes into consideration speaking, attentiveness, pronunciation, and understanding, as well as active involvement in class activities, both listening and speaking. Excellent participation includes volunteering questions and/or comments in SPANISH. Homework is given and graded occasionally.

A+ Grade CalculatorGrades will be calculated as follows:
- 30% Unit tests
- 25% Quizzes
- 20% Class work/homework
- 15% Special Projects/oral proficiency
- 10% Participation

PARTICIPATION: The participation grade takes into consideration speaking, attentiveness, pronunciation and understanding, as well as active involvement in class activities, both listening and speaking.

- A binder (1.1/2")  absolutely no spiral notebooks
- 6 dividers,

          Dividers will include:   
1. warm-ups
                2. class work
                3.  homework                   
                4. vocabulary
                5. grammar
                6. culture
- 1 red pen
- 1 black/blue pen
-1 No.2 pencil
- pencil sharpener

 Wish List

Your donation and support are greatly appreciated.
- computer paper
white board markers
- tissues
- hand sanitizer
- lysol/clorox wipes

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Acknowledgement sample No. 3   PARENTS' AND STUDENTS'  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:
After reading the above information, please print and complete the following Parents' and Students' Acknowledgement and turn it in on or before Friday, September 02, 2016. Students will receive a Classroom Management Plan and go over it in class, explaining the policies and procedures. They will also receive a copy of the form below in class.   

Parents' and Students' Acknowledgement

Student Name:

Period No.

I understand the policies and procedures explained in class, and written on the class website, and I have shared them with my parents. I look forward to learning Spanish 2 this year. I will check the “Teacher Web” website to be well informed about what is expected of me even when I am absent from school.   I have also joined Remind101 to receive class reminders and updates.

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