Sixth Grade Math Class!

 Module 7 Quiz will be on Monday, November 20th.

FREE Afterschool Tutoring in The Nest on Tuesdays (4-5 pm) starts on October 17th: 

Students need to be picked up in front of school at   5 p.m. Thank you! 

 Use Khan Academy and Online Textbook for Help!

Please sign up by class for REMIND texts. I will send you reminders on upcoming assignments, quizzes and tests.

 Using your TEXT:  To: 81010

Enter message: Period 1: @ sstring1; Period 2: @sstring2; Period 3: @sstring3; Period 4: @sstring4;    Period 6: @sstring6.        

   Always be your BEST!!        I BELIEVE in YOU!! 

USATestPrep will be used as an additional support with concepts.    Good Luck! USATestPrep Help Desk#: 1-877-377-9837

Please use Firefox or Google Chrome when accessing or USATestPrep.  Thank you!

Students are responsible for printing documents from website.  They may access a printer at home, office or library.  If a student is unable to print please email me.  We are unable to make copies for all students.  We are going "GREEN" with our textbook and worksheets.  Thank you!  

                       MATH ROCKS!!

Dear Parents and Students,
This week we will begin our studies in the new consumable textbook.  Students will pull out their textbook pages for Module 1 and put them in their binders.  Each student will only have one copy.  It is very important that the student does not lose their copy since this is their workbook for learning. 

Students will also be accessing their textbook online.  Assignments will be given this week.  Each home computer is set up differently. Therefore, please be sure that you are able to use Google Chrome and ALLOW Pop-ups for more efficient and effective use of the online textbook. 

In addition, students will be using USATestPrep and Khan Academy for additional support and resources throughout the year. 

Thank you!
Mrs. Stringer