I hope you are having a wonderful Summer vacation!
Make sure you set aside some time to work on your Summer packets for reading and math.

Current Science News:
Check out Selby Gardens the corpse plant is blooming "Seymour"
How cool!! is a great website! Check it out.

Clarification and breakdown of Bohr Model Energy Levels
on the 8th Grade Science page.

Great websites or Youtube video tutorials has practice worksheets
Bill Nye the Science Guy has great videos.


For Review on Metric system check out this website:
You should be able to log in now.
If you cannot login use your math password.
If you still cannot login let me know.

Get excited!!  Science Day is coming!
The theme this year will be "Finding Nemo".

If you are looking for ideas is also a great website.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me
through the Holy Family email address.