Course Syllabus, Curriculum & Requirements


John A. Ferguson Senior High School

Course Syllabus and Curriculum for Forensic Science


Instructor: Ms. Madelyne Alvarez


Course Description

Forensic Science is an introductory course in which students will have the opportunity to explore how scientific principles are used in analyzing physical evidence found at crime scenes and to be introduced to the wide array of career choices in forensics.  The fundamental objective is to teach the basic processes and principles of scientific thinking so as to apply them to solving problems that are related not only to science but to all disciplines. The focus will be to introduce students to some of the specialized fields of forensic science, the principles of science and technology upon which they are based, and the application of these principles to various analyses of crime scene evidence. This course will make science real for the CSI generation.


Successful completion of Biology and either Chemistry or Physical Science 

Textbook and Reference Books

1. Forensic Science - Fundamentals and Investigations - (Main Textbook)
     Author: Anthony J. Bertino
   South Western Cengage Learning 2012

2. Forensic Science Today – (Reference)
   Authors: Dr. Henry Lee, George M. Taft, Kimberly A. Taylor

   Lawyers & judges Publishing Company, Inc (2006)

3. Forensic Science for High School – (Reference)

   Author: Barbara Deslich and John Funhouser

   Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company (2006)

Course Curriculum:

This course will address topics including, but not limited to:
Introduction to Forensic Science - (CSI Effect)
    2.Crime Scene Investigation (Basic Concepts)
    3. Fingerprints
    4. Forensic Serology - (Blood)
    5. Forensic Pathology
    6. Forensic Entomology
    7. Forensic Anthropology

Course Requirements:

You are expected to keep a notebook with all of the work and information. This should be in a three-ring binder with 6 dividers so that handouts and new information could be easily added. Dividers should be labeled (Introduction, Crime Scene, Fingerprints, Serology, Pathology, Anthropology,) You should have a front page (provided by teacher) in your notebook at all times. Notebook will be inspected two times throughout the year . (at the beginning and at the end of the school year)

  • A Lab Fee is mandatory for all students. (honors/gifted - $20 and regular - $10)
  • A donation of paper towel, soap, highlighters, (etc.) will be collected several times during the year. (Bonus points will be provided)

Instructional Resources:

Textbook reading

Laboratory experiments



Case studies

Mock crime scene investigations


Interactive software packages

Lab reports

Internet sites

Newspaper/current events

• Solve Mysteries


Written assessment such as chapter quizzes, tests

Class participation

Notebook Checks

Brochure – (Forensic Careers)

Current Events – (Article Analysis)

• Special Projects - Capstone Projects