Due Dates
F451 Essay Due Monday, April 17th
Due 4/24--All grades-AoW New Guideline Will Allow First-Year Doctors to Work 24-Hour Shifts 

Past Due Dates
Monday, 4/3- 8th grade AoW due on Brain disorders
Friday, 4/7-All grades AoW 8 steps to happiness due
Friday, 3/10
--6th grade--Humor Book reports due (3rd period only)
Friday, 3/10--AoW Maps and Charts that will surprise you
Friday, 3/17--AoW Smoking
Friday, 3/31--AoW New Brain Disorders due (6thgrades)
Friday, 2/24-Immigration
Friday, 2/17-Poverty AoW
Monday, 2/13
--8th grade-Narrative Final draft with cover sheet due. Staple your rough draft to the back. You will not receive full credit without your rough draft and your cover sheet.
Friday, 2/10--AoW Living on Mars due (all grades)
Friday, 2/10--8th grade-Body Paragraph rewrite due
Tuesday, 1/31-8th grade-Narrative with grade sheet completed (rough draft)
Monday, 1/30-Introduction rewrite (all grades)
Friday, 2/3-AoW John Glenn (all grades)
Friday, 2/3---6th grade--Technology Essay Due
Friday, 1/27-AoW Procrastination (all grades)
Friday, 1/20-No AoW (all grades)

All classes:
See documents link for most recent Articles of the week (AoWs) and other handouts/presentations from class.