Course Introduction


The OakLeaf Junior High School intensive reading curriculum is divided into five different components (reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing):

While reading we will focus on:

• Making predictions and connections

• Summarizing and sequencing events

• Distinguishing between fact and opinion

• Recognizing high frequency words

While writing we will focus on:

• Using precise vocabulary

• Drafting complete sentences

• Comparing and contrasting

• Summarizing

While speaking we will focus on:

• Retelling stories

• Reciting poetry

• Asking questions to gather information or to clarify thoughts

• Discussing stories

• Maintaining eye contact and effective posture

• Varying tone of voice

While listening and viewing we will focus on:

• Responding to information presented orally

• Differentiating between fact and opinion

• Interviewing

• Making informed judgments about television, radio, and film presentations

Eighth grade intensive reading students will be using the Achieve3000 TeenBiz computer-based curriculum and the Rewards Multisyllabic Word Reading curriculum.