Ms. Hershey

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About The Teacher

NAME: Sue-Ann Hershey

SCHOOL: Paxon School for Advanced Studies

CLASS: IB Pre-Calculus & Honors Pre-Calculus

SCHOOL PHONE & EMAIL: 693-7583 ext. 158 & email: hersheys@duvalschools.org

Ms. Hershey has a B. S. degree in secondary education, with a major in
mathematics from Ball State University.  From Ball State University's 
"Ball State Teachers College has a long and distinctive history of 
preparing educators and other professionals. Founded in 1918, it has 
evolved into one of the most comprehensive and renowned colleges of 
education in the nation."

If you would like to read about Ball State Teacher's College ranking 


Ms. Hershey also holds a Master's of Arts in Math Education from Ball 
State University. 

Ms. Hershey has taught mathematics (grades 6-12) for 40 years in the 
states of Indiana, Illinois, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Florida, and has 
held certification in all six states.

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