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All Classes - EOC for US History is on May 5-7. You should be preparing by 
using the US History EOC under US History Websites. There are practice 
questions and a practice test on there.

All Classes (Honors and Regular) -  Work on EOC questions starting with Civil 
War and up to SS.912.A.7.12 Globalization, Terrorism, and Social Movements 
from 1970 -2010 on the Escambia County US EOC website. See US History 
Websites for the link. Keep track of what you have done on worksheet listed 
Handouts called EOC Checklist (this must be printed and signed and brought to 

Due 4/25/14 Friday (All Classes) - Packet of EOC practice test questions is 

Test - Chapter 24&25 (Honors and Regular) - April 23rd (Wednesday)

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