About The Teacher

NAME: Ms. Boudinet-Farley

SCHOOL: Pompano Beach High School

CLASS: AP & Hnrs American Government/Economics

SCHOOL PHONE: 754-322-2000 ext # 3044

About The Teacher

Ms. Boudinet is in her 33st year of teaching Social Studies to high school
She is originally from Ohio and graduated from Wright State Unitversity with a
Bachlor of Science degree in secondary education and with a minor in Political
Science. Ms. Boudinet is a National Board Certified Teacher.
She enjoys political discussions with young people and appreciates their
idealistic viewpoints. Ms Boudinet's career goal is for her student/s to be
elected to a national government position...Ideally, POTUS.
Ms. Boudinet lives in the Pompano Beach community and loves teaching at
Pompano Beach high school. Her sentiments about PBHS are,  "The students at
PBHS are awesome, they are nice, polite and eager to learn. They keep me young
at heart."

Mission For The Class

To make every student aware of the necessity of civic participation in a