AR reading: Students should be working steadily on their AR.  Several students have already finished!  All students should have completed at least 25% of their goals.     Comprehension goals will be the same:  85%.

There will be 3 important projects due this quarter.  The details are listed here on the web.  I am putting up the information on the final exams and other assignments.  Dates may need to be "tweaked" , but otherwise, the information should be complete.

We are entering the "home stretch" for the end of the year.  We will try to get as much done in class as possible so that students can use their "at home" time for projects and studying for final exams.  Students who don't finish assignments in class will need to complete them at home.  For students still struggling with organization, this can be a challenging time.  Students are encouraged to put completed work in their homework folders until it is due so that parents can see it and check it .

Skills and Concepts This Week

Math:  adding and subtracting fractions

English:   Adverbs

Science:  States of Matter


Social Studies:  The Midwest                     

Religion: pp. 243, 244 will be due on Thursday
        Unit 24: Growing in Holiness; p. 280 will be due next week.
Students will have the opportunity to participate in altar-server training the first week in May.  After that, fourth-graders can serve in the "second position" at school Masses.

Reading:  Scholastic News

There will not be reading test this week.