AR reading: Students should be working steadily on their AR.  Several students have already finished!  All students should have completed at least 25% of their goals.     Comprehension goals will be the same:  85%.

There will be 3 important projects due this quarter.  The details are listed here on the web.  I am putting up the information on the final exams and other assignments.  Dates may need to be "tweaked" , but otherwise, the information should be complete.

Skills and Concepts This Week

Math:  fractions
Test on 4/15

English:   Adverbs

All compare/contrast essays must be turned in by 4.17.  Some students are still revising/editing, but this is the absolute last day.

Science:  Natural Resources
Test 4/16

Social Studies:  The Midwest                     

Religion: Passover
                   Holy Week

W.e will have a Seder Service on Tuesday from 1-2 in the Parish Hall.  I could use a couple of parents to help if anyone is available.  More information about the service can be found on this web site by clicking on the "Passover" page.

Reading:  Scholastic News

There will not be reading or spelling tests this week.