7th Grade Summer Reading


You have TWO assignments for English, one for Literature and one for Religion

Read all directions carefully!

English, due to Ms. Niemeyer: Guinea Pig Scientists, by Mel Boring

This non-fiction work discusses the lives and experiments of several scientists who went above and beyond to further their research. When they were denied the opportunity to test their theories on human subjects, they were forced to use themselves as "guinea pigs" to find the answers they needed. Some of them did not survive, and all changed the scientific community forever.

Your assignment for this book has two parts. In one, you are to research and present information on one of the scientists you have read about. In the other, you are to research and present information on the experiments that scientist performed, and how the results have affected modern day science and/or medicine. Use the rubric provided below.



Literature, due to Mrs. Lazar: My Brother Sam is Dead, by Christopher and James Collier

This is a fictional tale which takes place during the Revolutionary war. The main character, Tim Meeker, has a very hard decision to make. His parents are loyalists to the British crown. His brother, Sam however, has decided to fight along with the rebels in order to secure freedom for their country. Will he side with his parents, or will he follow his brother onto the battlefield?

Read this awesome novel and write a book report, using the template provided below. You will be turning in BOTH the filled-in template (may be handwritten) AND the final TYPED essay.


Religion, due to Mr. O'Sullivan

The Gospel of Luke

1.      How does Luke connect Jesus to the Old Testament in the first three chapters of his Gospel?

2.      Re-write the Parable of the Good Samaritan, but in the context of today’s world. How is the parable relevant to your life? 

3.      How does Luke characterize the disciples? How does Luke treat their failures—especially in 22:21-62?

Personal Reflection

1.      What story/event from Jesus’ life and ministry in the Gospel of Luke was your favorite? Why?

2.      Which of the parables told by Jesus in the Gospel of Luke was your favorite? Why?

3.      What is one thing that you learned about Jesus and His mission from the Gospel of Luke?