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August 2010
Welcome New Students and Parents,         
I expect every student to read on a nightly basis for at least 20 minutes. If you still need work on basic math facts (IE 2+8=10, 7+8=15 etc) then at least 10 minutes with flash cards or verbal question/answer daily review is necessary to build automaticity.

Each Saturday during the school year, you can expect me to update this page with the "Robust Vocabulary" and the next week's spelling words for our reading lesson. Additionally on Fridays, I will give the students a "pretest" on the spelling designed to allow them to focus on the words he or she does not know. No need to spend time on what is already known!

Additionally, the third grade team gives homework on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Although there will be times that our class has a thematic project (body of work) that will be assigned for more than one week. I do not give additional homework for those Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, as I expect students to invest their homework time on his/her project.

I do enjoy creating our "thematic" units. Within each unit, we will be touching each content area in a "real world" manner. These units allow students to learn more in a given time. For instance, our chocolate unit includes map reading, distance measurement, rainforest people, changing states of matter, recipe reading (measurement units and fractions), research, and PowerPoint creation. We also work with money during this time, newspaper ads, and budgeting. We read Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" together and compare it to the original movie. The homework will reflect the content we are working on at that time.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our web site.
I look forward to the new year!
Mrs. T. 

August 23, 2010
Spelling Words for Friday August 27th
These are ten words taken from our discussions this week.

1. pride
2. honesty
3. friend
4. helper
5. persist


"Ruby, the Copycat"

T1W1 Spelling

Short Vowels


1.      this

2.      went

3.      jump

4.      still

5.      last

6.      dust

7.      tell

8.      drop

9.      shut

10.  lamp

11.  stop

12.  felt

13.  drink

14.  clock

15.  stand

Challenge words

16.  sunset

17.  muffin

18.  pumpkin

19.  hidden

20.  basket

Robust Vocabulary:

*trudged: talking slowly as if your feet are stuck in mud

*gushed: when you are excited about something and talk about it a lot

*frustrated: a way you might feel after you try and try to do something and cannot

*imitated: when you copy what someone has said or done

*pleasant: something that is enjoyable and makes you happy

*coincidence: when two things happen that seem to fit together but are not connected

*modeled: showing someone something so that they can see it

*loyal: someone who stands by you in good times and bad

*recited: memorizing and then saying it out loud
*murmur: speaking so softly that you can hardly be heard




T1W2 Spelling
  "The Day Eddie Met An Author" (realistic fiction)
Root words, suffixes (-ed, -ing)
1.    saved
2.  moved
3.  riding
4.  working
5.  pulled
6.  taking
8.  baking
9.  picked
10.        having
11.          letting
Challenge words:

Robust Vocabulary:
conquer: when you win against a fear or a problem, you win and overcome it
resistance: what you feel when you do not want something to happen
ponder: to take time to think about something
anticipation: the feeling of excitement when something thrilling is about to happen
assembly: a group of people who have gathered for a reason
plenty: having more than enough
dismiss:  to give permission to leave
squirm: wiggling around as if you are uncomfortable
patchwork: cloth made by sewing together small pieces of different fabrics
autographed: when you signed your name on something


September 10-September 17,2010
   "Schools Around the World" (non-fiction)

Long vowel diagraphs

1. deep    

2. play    

3. lean    

4. glow    

5. team   

6. away     

7. slow 

8. trail   

9. dream  

10. stain      

11. toast    

12. speed     

13. raise     

14. sweet     

15. layer     


17. freedom

18. speedboat

19. cocoa

20. daydream

Robust Vocabulary:

proper: something the way it is supposed to be, or correct

boarding: giving someone a place to live for a while

literacy: the ability to read and write

diverse: individual things in a group that are different from each other

chores: small jobs that you need to do but may not enjoy

certain: one particular thing

resource: materials, money, and other things that can be used

culture: made up of a group’s customs and traditions

tutor: someone who helps another person with school work

uniform: clothes that all the people in a group wear so they are dressed alike


Spelling words for Theme 1 Week 4 (T1W4)

"Ellen Ochoa, Astronaut"
Plurals using -s and -es
1. ants
2. toys
3. flies
4. things
5. boxes
6. games
7. lines
8. rocks
9. wishes
10. ladies
11. dishes
12. babies
13. bushes
14. glasses
15. puppies
Challenge Words:
16. families
17. libraries
18. brothers
19. packages
20. melodies
 T1W4 Robust Vocabulary
  • 1.persevere: when you keep trying to do something without giving up
  • 2.confidence: when you are sure that everything will work out
  • 3.ambitious: when a person is eager to reach a goal
  • 4.attain: what you have done when you reach your goal
  • 5.talented: an ability to have a special talent and do it well
  • 6.apply: asking for work at a job
  • 7.research: involves getting information about a question or topic
  • 8.invention: something completely new that someone has made
  • 9.hinder: to make it difficult or impossible for someone to do something
  • 10.disappointed: to feel unhappy about the way something turned out
Theme 1 Week 5 (T1W5)
"The School News"   Theme One Review
Spelling Words
1. clock
2. drink
3. moved
4. waking
5. hopped
6. folded
7. stain
8. layer
9. team
10. slow
11. toast
12. ladies
13. flies
14. bushes
15. games
Robust Vocabulary:
  • 1. viewers-people who watch something
  • 2. survive-to remain alive, even after great difficulties
  • 3. camouflage-when something blends into its surroundings
  • 4. concealed-something covered up so it can not be seen
  • 5. independent-when someone does something on his or her own
  • 6. donated-something given away for free
  • 7. media-the many ways that people communicate: newspapers, magazines, and television
  • 8. feature-when reporters do a special report on a topic
  • 9. image-a picture of someone or something
  • 10. popular-something that many people like




    Spelling List   (October 1-October 8)

    Theme 2, Lesson 6
            "The Babe and I"    (historical fiction)

    Compound Words

    1.    pickup


    2.   cannot

    3.   outside

    4.   bedroom

    5.   upstairs

    6.   raindrop

    7.   baseball

    8.   hallway

    9.   airplane

    10.  mailbox

    11.  sunshine

    12.  homework

    13.  classroom

    14.  something

    15.  playground

    16.  sidewalk

    17.  teaspoon

    18.  thumbtack

    19.  sandpaper

    20.  notebook

    Robust Vocabulary


    1. skim: to move quickly over a surface, barely touching it
    2. span: the distance between two points
    3. *contribution: to help your family reach its goal, you make a contribution to your family
    4. midst: being in the middle of something
    5. initiative: when you make the first step in doing something without being told what to do
    6. shabby: things that look worn and old
    7. dazed: to be confused and unable to think properly
    8. *elevated: something that is lifted up
    9. embarrass: to feel or make someone uncomfortable or ashamed
    10. *collapses: when something falls because it was not well supported
    (*= bonus spelling words)


    Spelling List (Oct. 8-Oct. 15)

    Theme 2, Lesson 7

    Words with ch, tch, sh, and wh

     1.   chin

    2.   itch

    3.   push

    4.   chef

    5.   when

    6.   wash

    7.   much

    8.   sharp

    9.   pitch

    10.  where

    11.  peach

    12.  child

    13.  wheat

    14.  chance

    15.  machine

    16.  cashier

    17.  friendship

    18.  hatched

    19.  finished

    20.  children


    Robust Vocabulary



         babble: to say words that cannot be understood

         suspicious: to think that someone cannot be trusted

         accompany: to go someplace with another person

         competent: to be good at what you are doing

         scent: the smell of something

         wanders: when a person travels without planning where he or she is going

         whined: for someone or something to give a long high cry

         obey: to do what you are told

         demonstrate: to show how something works or is done

         patrol: to watch over and area and guard it

    (accompany, demonstrate, scent= bonus spelling words)

    Theme 2, Lesson 8 (T2W8)
        "How Animals Talk" (Photo Essay, Nonfiction)
    Words with ou, ow, oi, and oy
    1. foil
    2. loud
    3. gown
    4. coil
    5. house
    6. annoy
    7. growl
    8. moist
    9. enjoy
    10. round
    11. spoil
    12. mouse
    13. clown
    14. bounce
    15. cowboy
    Challenge Words:
    16. eyebrows
    17. voyage
    18. boiling
    19. cloudy
    20. avoid
     Robust Vocabulary:
    • charging: an animal that is rushing or moving quickly towards someone or something
    • ferocious: an angry and dangerous animal
    • dominant: the strongest or most powerful member of a group
    • conflict: two animals that are fighting
    • communicate: when two people or animals share information
    • flick: to move or snap something quickly
    • chatter: when animals repeat their sounds quickly
    • alert: to get a person or peoples attention and let them know to be careful
    • signal: a sound or an action that sends a message
    • grooms: when an animal makes itself neat and clean
    (bonus: communicate, dominant, ferocious)


    Spelling List (Oct. 23 to be tested THURSDAY Oct.29)

    Theme 2,Lesson 9 (T2W9)

                       "Stone Soup"

    Words with str, scr, and spr


    1.    spray

    2.   street

    3.   sprint

    4.   stripe

    5.   screen

    6.   strong

    7.   spring

    8.   stray

    9.   scream

    10.  strike

    11.  spread

    12.  string

    13.  sprout

    14.  scratch

    15.  stream


    Challenge Words:

    16.  strangers

    17.  describe

    18.  strength

    19.  destroy

    20.  instruct


    Robust Vocabulary

    •  ►generous: when people are happy to share with others
    • ►agreeable: something that is pleasing to the senses
    • ►banquet: a special meal that will has large amount of food
    • ►curiosity: something odd or unusual that interests people
    • ►gaze: a long look at something
    • ►famine: when there is not enough food to feed everyone
    • ►dense: something made of things that are very close together
    • ►reaction: a response to something that happens
    • ►ingredients: all the foods and spices that you use to make a certain kind of food
    • ►momentum: when an idea or an action that grows quickly and is hard to stop

     (bonus: generous, momentum, famine)

    Spelling T2W10 Thursday Oct.28 (to be tested Nov.5th)
    Reader's Theater, "The Case of the Three Bears"
    • airplane
    • upstairs
    • something
    • itch
    • chef
    • wheat
    • chance
    • push
    • enjoy
    • moist
    • clown
    • loud
    • sprint
    • street
    • scratch
    • November
    • Thanksgiving
    • pilgrims
    • settlers
    • natives

      No tic-tac-toe this week, as it is a review week!

     Robust Vocabulary

    • investigate: when you try to find out the truth about something
    • expert: someone who knows a lot about a certain subject
    • laboratory: a place where experiments are done
    • various: when there objects of different types
    • suspect: when you think someone has done something
    • confess: when you tell the truth about something you did wrong
    • perplexed: to be confused or puzzled about something
    • inquisitive: to be curious and ask a lot of questions
    • inviting: when something makes you want to take part or have something do with it
    • amusing: something that is fun or funny



    Spelling List (Nov. 5- to be tested November 12th)

    Theme 3, Lesson 11  (T3W11) "Loved Best"

    Words with final – le

    • 1.   title
    • 2.   table
    • 3.   uncle
    • 4.   apple
    • 5.   cable
    • 6.   bubble
    • 7.   beetle
    • 8.   rattle
    • 9.   purple
    • 10.  little
    • 11.  middle
    • 12.  simple
    • 13.  saddle
    • 14.  trouble
    • 15.  scribble
    • Challenge Words
    • 16.  twinkle
    • 17.  scrambled
    • 18.  sprinkle
    • 19.  buckled
    • 20. tablecloth

     Robust Vocabulary:

    •  swooned-To have a terrible shock or surprise that made you faint or fall
    • *astonished-To be amazed and surprised at something
    • encouraging- When a friend makes you feel like you can do something well
    • *brief- When something does not take much time
    • chuckling- Laughing quietly to yourself
    • soothing- When you tell the truth about something you did wrong
    • sobbed- Something that makes you feel calm
    • *praised- To tell someone that they can do something well
    • envious- To feel that you want something that someone else has
    • rivalry- When people compete against each other for something


    NEW--BONUS Spelling Words: brief, praised, astonished (with asterisks)

    Spelling List November 13 (given Nov. 12, to be tested Nov. 19)
    Theme 3, Lesson 12 (T3W12) "A Pen Pal for Max"
    Words with digraphs:  kn, gn, wr, gh
    1.   gnat
    2.   knew
    3.   sign
    4.   knob
    5.   gnaw
    6.   write 
    7.   knees
    8.   wrinkle
    9.   kneel
    10.  wrist
    11.  cough
    12.  known
    13.  rough
    14.  wrench
    15.  knight
    Challenge Words
    16.  knitting
    17.  laughter
    18.  wring
    19.  unknown
    20.  playwright
    Robust Vocabulary:
    • deciphered: to figure out a message that is difficult to understand or that is written in code
    • *mistaken: to be wrong about something
    • translate: to write or say something in another language
    • repairs: what something needs when it is broken or needs to be fixed
    • heaving: throwing something heavy with great effort
    • *bothersome: when something bothers you and it causes problems
    • din: when there is so much noise that it is hard to hear anything over it
    • dodging: to avoid something that is coming toward you
    • *catastrophe: something really terrible that has happened
    • fortunate: when someone is very lucky
    BONUS Spelling Words: (voluntary participation)
    *= bonus words (catastrophe, bothersome, mistaken)

    Week of Nov. 22-26 (Thanksgiving Break)
    No spelling words


    Spelling List November 27 (to be tested December 4th)
    Theme 3, Lesson 13 (T3W13)
         "A Tree is Growing"
    1.   ice
    2.   age
    3.   rice
    4.   edge
    5.   stage
    6.   giant
    7.   range
    8.   judge
    9.   ledge
    10.  police
    11.  recent
    12.  bridge
    13.  office
    14.  strange
    15.  central
    16.  celery
    17.  ceiling
    18.  difference
    19.  margin
    20.  imagine

    obust Vocabulary:
    tugged-to pull something hard
    *paused-to stop what you are doing for just a moment
    columns-a tall circular structure that holds up part of a building
    *absorb-when something soaks up a liquid
    protects-to keep something safe
    rustling-when objects move and make soft sound
    dissolve-when something mixes completely with water
    *particles-tiny pieces of something
    scavenger-when an animal leftover or unwanted objects
    self-sufficient: when someone or something makes everything that it needs
    *=bonus spelling words


    T3W14 (December 3-December 10, 2010)
    "One Small Place in a Tree" (nonfiction)
    1. hotel

    2. petal

    3. pupil

    4. recital

    5. regret

    6. solid

    7. taken

    8. vanish

    9. given

    10. final

    11. cabin

    12. colony

    13. seven

    14. robin

    15. visiting

    16. music

    17. total

    18. wagon

    19. broken

    20. color

    Robust Vocabulary:
    sprout: when something begins to grow
    *damp: a little bit wet
    transformation: the act of changing someone or something
    harmony: what we call living in peaceful agreement
    suppose: when you think something is true
    *roost: when birds sleep in a tree at night
    spears: when you stick something sharp through something else
    strikes: synonym for hits
    *glimpse: a quick peek
    maze: winding paths that are like a puzzle




     Spelling List (to be tested Jan. 7th)

    Theme 4, Lesson 16 (T4W16)
         "Lon-Po-Po: A Chinese Red Riding Hood Story"
    Words with r – controlled vowel
    1.   coarse
    2.   warm
    3.   soar
    4.   wore
    5.   swarm
    6.   form
    7.   story
    8.   warn
    9.   bore
    10. sport
    11. glory
    12. force
    13. course
    14. before
    15. fourth
    Challenge Words
    16. explorer
    17. forest
    18. scoreboard
    19. fourteen
    20. seashore
    Robust Vocabulary:
    charming-a way of pleasing people with what you say and how you act
    *racket-something that makes a lot of noise
    *ingenious-when a person does something very clever or imaginative
    outwit-when you trick someone by doing something clever and outsmart them
    tender-something like food that is soft and easy to chew
    *delighted-when a person is very happy about something
    brittle-things that are brittle are stiff and hard and break easily
    cunning-a person is this when he/she uses smart or tricky ways to get what he/she wants
    disguised-wearing something that keeps someone from know who you are
    (*=bonus spelling words)




    Spelling list to be tested Jan. 14th
        T4W18   "Two Bear Cubs"
     (folktale, myth)
    1. clerk
    2. purse
    3. person
    4. thirsty
    5. creature
    6. mixture
    7. work
    8. perfect
    9. curtain
    10. verse
    11. hurt
    12. answer
    13. Earth
    14. first
    15. uncurled
    16. word
    17. burn
    18. pearl
    19. girl
    20. return

    Robust Vocabulary: 

    awe what you feel when you are amazed by something
    concentration focusing your attention on a single thing
    dilemma a problem or difficult situation
    commendable when something is worthy of attention or praise
    glancing when you are taking a quick look at something
    scolding what you are doing when you are angrily pointing out a person's mistakes
    console to comfort or cheer up someone
    heroic what we call a person who is brave and acts like a hero
    drowsy when you feel so sleepy that you can't stay awake
    burden a heavy load that is difficult to carry

    Week of January 19-21:
    No spelling
    No robust vocabulary
    Week of January 24-28
    Theme 4, Lesson 18 (T4W18)
                 "Me and Uncle Romie" Realistic Fiction
    Words with suffixes: er, est, ly, ful
    1.   nicer
    2.   finest
    3.   useful
    4.   bigger
    5.   really
    6.   nicest
    7.   faster
    8.   lonely
    9.   quickly
    10. careful
    11. smaller
    12. playful
    13. biggest
    14. slowly
    15. thankful
    16. finally
    17. gently
    18. delightful
    19. doubtful
    20. forgetful
    Robust Vocabulary
    ►dull: not shiny
    ►towers: something that is VERY tall
    *masterpiece: a great piece of art
    *heritage: memories and traditions of your family’s past 
    ►ruined: something that is no longer any good
    ►crept: something moves slowly and carefully so that it will not be seen or 
    *glorious: something so wonderful that you can hardly believe it
    ►memory: something you remember
    ►streak: to move quickly from one place to another
    ►yanked: gave something a quick, hard pull
    (*=bonus spelling words)

    Spelling List Jan. 31 (to be tested Feb. 4th)

    Theme 4, Lesson 19 (T4W19)

                "Half Chicken"

    Words with prefixes:  un, re, dis

    1.   undo

    2.   redo

    3.   dislike

    4.   react

    5.   refill

    6.   uneasy

    7.   reread

    8.   unlike

    9.   remove

    10.  dishonest

    11.  unhappy

    12.  rebuild

    13.  displease

    14.  uncover

    15.  rewrite

    16.  recycle

    17.  disagree

    18.  review

    19.  unclear

    20.  disorder


    Robust Vocabulary

    *deliberately-to do something slowly and carefully

    composed-made up a song

    *gratitude-showing thanks for something

    compassion-showing kindness to someone who needs help

    swift-moves quickly

    vain-when someone thinks very highly of himself/herself

    overheard-to have heard something from someone without them knowing that you

    were listening

    *suggested-an idea was given to someone

    enormous-VERY Big

    exclaimed-said something in an excited way

    (*=bonus words)


    Spelling List

    Theme 4, Lesson 20


    1.   form

    2.   wore

    3.   fourth

    4.   soar

    5.   warn

    6.   perfect

    7.   girl

    8.   burn

    9.   work

    10.  earth

    11.  bigger

    12.  finest

    13.  lonely

    14.  refill

    15.  dishonest

    Robust Vocabulary:
    camaraderie-people who are comfortable with each other and spend a lot of time together

    flawless-no mistakes can be found

    tragic-something that is both sad and horrible

    limp-something is too weak to move or support itself

    criticize-you tell what you think is wrong with something

    dialogue- conversation between people; it can be oral or written.

    immerse-to become very involved in something

    mandatory-required, must do

    rehearse-to practice for a performance

    versions-something like stories or songs that can be told or sung in different ways


    Antarctic Ice (Expository Nonfiction)

    1.   threw

    2.   cool

    3.   foot

    4.   cook

    5.   bruise

    6.   hook

    7.   tool

    8.   brook

    9.   booth

    10.  school

    11.  choose

    12.  balloon

    13.  cartoon

    14.  afternoon

    15.  understood


    Challenge Words

    16.  loosely

    17.  cocoon

    18.  raccoon

    19.  cookbook

    20.  neighborhood

    Robust Vocabulary:

    o      conserved-when something is rare and important that is kept carefully

    o      strict-when someone who is stern and demands obedience

    o      harsh-when something is hard to stand up to it is this

    o      bleak-what we call something cold and gloomy

    o      absence-when something or someone is not present

    o      shelters-when something keeps you safe and protected

    o      permanently-when something stays one way forever

    o      drifts-what something does when it moves along without direction

    o      scarce-when something without much to be found of it

    o      dim-when there is not much light



    Spelling List Feb. 21 (tested Feb. 25th)

    Theme 4, Lesson 22 (T4W22)

                     "Bat Loves the Night"  Words with o, augh, aw, al, ough

    1.   ought

    2.   soft

    3.   yawn

    4.   walk

    5.   long

    6.   also

    7.   thaw

    8.   lost

    9.   cause

    10.  taught

    11.  pause

    12.  straw

    13.  false

    14.  author

    15.  almost

     Challenge Words

    16.  swallow

    17.  naughty

    18.  somersault

    19.  sprawling

    20.  faucet

     Robust Vocabulary:

    1. blanketed-when something is covered

    *2. surroundings-the area around you

    *3. plummet-to drop suddenly from a great height

     4. inverted-when something is turned inside-out or upside-down

    *5. nocturnal-an animal that sleeps all day and is actively awake all night

     6. effort-to work hard is to use this

     7. dozes-when a person who takes short naps

     8. swoops-when something dives or dips downward

     9. detail-a small piece of information

    10. fluttering-to be moving through the air lightly and quickly

    ( * = bonus spelling word)

    -------------------------------------------------------------Spelling List Theme 5, Lesson 23 (T5W23)
       "Chestnut Cove" (fantasy)
    Words with Prefixes:  in-, mis-, pre-

     1. input
    2.   preset
    3.   misuse
    4.   inside
    5.   preview
    6.   incorrect
    7.   pretest
    8.   mislead
    9.   preheat
    10.  indoors
    11.  misplace
    12.  preschool
    13.  misread
    14.  mismatch
    15.  misspell
    Challenge Words
    16.  mistaken
    17.  incomplete
    18.  misbehave
    19.  misprint
    20.  invisible

     Robust Vocabulary:
    eagerly-how you are waiting excitedly, or anxiously for something to happen
    transferred-you did this when you moved something from one place to another
    contented-you felt this way when you were happy with the way things were
    *collaborate-to work with others on a project
    fondness-when you like something very much
    emotion-a feeling such as happiness, or sadness
    *ridiculous-something at is very silly is this
    *disgraceful-what we say when something is shocking and not acceptable
    decent-someone who is good and fair
    inherit-to be given something by someone 
     (* = bonus spelling)

    Spelling List

    Theme 5, Lesson 25


    1.   choose

    2.   booth

    3.   foot

    4.   bruise

    5.   threw

    6.   soft

    7.   cause

    8.   thaw

    9.   false

    10.  preschool

    11.  misspell

    12.  indoors

    13.  apart

    14.  across

    15.  around


    reguire: to ask for, as what should be in an assignment

    functional: to serve a purpose

    inhabitant: the people and animals of a place can be called this

    amazement: a feeling of great wonder and surprise

    ample: to have enough or more than enough of something

    responsibility: something you are expected to do, such as your own homework

    futuristic: a story that tells how things might be in the future (science-fiction is one type)

    realistic: a story that describes things as they really are

    confused: to feel mixed up
    shifting: when something is moving or changing


    1. bristly: when something is covered with short,stiff hairs
    2. dreadful: when something is scary or terrible
    3. adamant: when someone is very determined and won't change his or her mind about it
    4. inevitable: what we call something at is unavoidable or unstoppable
    5. summoning: when you are calling for a person to come to you
    6. nuisance: a synonym for bothersome
    7. sedentary: a lifestyle where you are sitting down most of the time
    8. oblige: to help someone
    9. boasting: when a person is telling others about wonderful things they have done or said
    10. sway: to swing slowly back and forth

    T6W27 Spiders and Their Webs

    1.   lion

    2.   dial

    3.   idea

    4.   neon

    5.   science

    6.   area

    7.   radio

    8.   quiet

    9.   piano

    10.  fluid

    11.  video

    12.  loyal

    13.  stereo

    14.  pliers

    15.  create


    Challenge Words

    16.  cereal

    17.  triumph

    18.  poetry

    19.  reality

    20.  scientific

    1.    justice-when you show this you treat others fairly

    2.   task-a job that needs to be done

    3.   inventive-to create something or solve a problem in a new way

    4.   prey-an animal that is hunted for food

    5.   shallow-not very deep

    6.   strands-long thin pieces of something

    7.   social-to live in a group with others of the same kind

    8.   spiral-a shape that curls around and around in a circle

    9.   reels-to wind something in using an attached

    10.    elaborate-to give many details


    Spelling List

    Theme 6, Lesson 28

    Words with suffixes: able, ible, less, ous



    1.   doable

    2.   famous

    3.   careless

    4.   various

    5.   endless

    6.   reliable

    7.   nervous

    8.   useless

    9.   flexible

    10.  washable

    11.  helpless

    12.  terrible

    13.  valuable

    14.  dangerous

    15.  powerless


    Challenge Words

    16.  suitable

    17.  restlessly

    18.  countless

    19.  responsible

    20.  remarkable



    1.    humor-when you have this sense, you enjoy telling and hearing about funny things

    2.   abroad-to go overseas and visit another country

    3.   preparation-all the things you do to get ready for something

    4.   gimmick-a trick or a way to get people's attention

    5.   sprinkled-tiny pieces or drops of something scattered all over

    6.   expand-to get bigger

    7.   erupt-to break out of a container (something that holds it)

    8.   thorough-to do a careful and complete job

    9.   deliberation-the process of thought and discussion before making a decision

    10.  grainy-something that is not smooth and has many small hard pieces


    T6W29:The Planets
    Spelling List
    Theme 6, Lesson 29
    Words with prefixes:  bi-, non-, over-
      1.   overnight
    2.   bicycle
    3.   nonstop
    4.   overdue
    5.   overlook
    6.   biweekly
    7.   overflow
    8.   nonsense
    9.   oversee
    10.  overhead
    11.  nonfiction
    12.  overcoat
    13.  nonfat
    14.  overdone
    15.  biplane
    Challenge Words
    16.  overtaken
    17.  overheat
    18.  nonstick
    19.  nontoxic
    20.  overboard


    1. distinct: when something is similar to, but separate from others
    2. slightly: when someone can barely tell something happened, it happened this way
    3. infinite: when something cannot be measured (for example a number line)
    4. expansive: covering a very large area
    5. rotate: to spin like a top
    6. steady: when somethng always looks and same and does not go out (in the case of a light)
    7. reflect: when light bounces off the surface instead of passing through it
    8. surface: the top part of something
    9. evidence: proof that something happened
    10. appear: the way something looks or seems to be

    Spelling List
    Theme 6, Lesson 30
    1.   vision
    2.   caution
    3.   session
    4.   fluid
    5.   piano
    6.   loyal
    7.   reliable
    8.   flexible
    9.   powerless
    10.  dangerous
    11.  famous
    12.  biplane
    13.  nonstop
    14.  overnight
    15.  oversee

    1. magnify: to makes something look much larger than it actually is
    2. observed: what you did,when you watched something carefully to learn more about it
    3. generate: to produce something
    4. confirm: to prove something is correct
    5. picturesque: to be pretty enough to be in a picture
    6. safeguard: to protect and guard something
    7. expedition: an adventure or journey to a new place
    8. uncharted: what we say when there are no maps of a place
    9. aligned: to match up perfectly
    10. occur: synonym of happen

     Because of Winn-Dixie:
    Spelling and vocabulary:
    1. asked: to have questioned someone about something
    2. questioned: to inquire and pose a question to someone
    3. shouted: to speak in a loud voice
    4. cried: past tense of cry; what someone does when they feel very sad about an event
    5. holler: synonym of shout; to cry aloud
    6. sobbed: past tense of sob; when someone had cried very intensely
    7. whispered: past tense of whisper; to speak so that only one person is able to hear your voice
    8. hissed: past tense of hiss;a sharp sound like that of the letter s, as a snake makes,
    9. sand: fine debris of rock
    10. preacher: a person who preaches (-er: one who does)
    11. mosquito: an insect who lives in Florida
    12. croak: to utter a low-pitched, harsh cry like the sound of a raven or frog.
    13. lozenge: small, flavored tablet made from sugar or syrup 
    14. orphan: young animal that has been deserted by, or has lost its mother
    15. sermon: any serious speech
    16. potluck: a meal to which participants bring various types of foods to share
    17. howl: a long, loud, mournful cry
    18. hollered: past tense of holler; synonym of shout or yell
    19. knuckle: a finger joint