College Letters of Recommendation

The New York Times: Admission Officers REALLY do read your teacher's recommendation! Click here to read the article

  • Step one: verify with me that your college portfolio is COMPLETE (not complete? no letter!)

  • Step two: bring me the addressed (to your colleges), stamped envelope(s); return address should be VHS, 1 Indian Avenue, Venice, FL 34285 (pen only)

  • Step three: make me a copy of the college's application; this will help me to customize your letter (put the date you'd like the letter on a sticky note) TWO-WEEK NOTICE REQUIRED!!!!

Please keep in mind that these letters are confidential; I send them directly to the college. If you know that you committed to the rigor of an AP course by completing all assignments, attending school regularly, and displaying AP-level aptitude and attitude, then feel confident that I will write you a letter that conveys those details. Remember, I have a professional obligation to be honest!