TEST on Lob's Girl


Below is the test on "Lob's Girl". Choose the BEST answer for each

  • 1) Where did Sandy first meet Lob?

  • 2) Why did Lob insist on returning to the Pengelly's house?

  • 3) Why did Lob jump through the Pengelly's window?

  • 4) Sandy went to the train station to

  • 5) Mr. Dodsworth gave Lob to the Pengellys because he

  • 6) Who first found Sandy after she was hit by a truck?

  • 7) Just after the accident, Sandy's brother discovered that Lob was

  • 8) Sandy stirred from her coma when

  • 9) How did Lob get into the room to see Sandy?

  • 10) What is left unanswered at the end of the story?

  • 11) What is the mood of someone who is MELANCHOLY?

  • 12) A person is most likely to ATONE for

  • 13) A person is most likely to become AGITATED by

  • 14) If you CONCEAL an object, you

  • 15) To INQUIRE means to