Honors Physics Newsflash

Intro to Work and Energy Videos
Work and Energy Introduction
Conservation of Energy Video

Newton's Laws Exam Grades are posted
Average by class
2nd- 64%
5th- 78%
6th 69%
Newton's Laws Exam (25 Grades) Thurs 11/20

Newton's Laws Exam Review Answer Key

Newton's Laws Exam Review for class on Mon 11/17.

Pulley Lab 

Force Diagram Whiteboarding Exercises Answer Key
Quiz will be on Mon 11/10
Force Diagram Whiteboarding Exercises for class on Fri 10/31

Read Chapters 5 and 6 Newton's Laws of Motion

Lab: Newton's 2nd Law
Per 5 Tues 10/28
Per 2,6 Wed 10/29

Projectile Motion Exam (20 Grades):
Exam Review Thurs 10/16, Fri 10/17 & Mon 10/20
Per 5 Tues 10/21
Per 2,6 Wed 10/22

Projectile Motion Lab #2 for class on Fri 10/3

Projectile Motion Lab #1 for next class
Per 5 Tues 9/30
Per 2,6 Wed 10/1

HW: Read Chapter 3: Vectors in Physics and Chapter 4 Two-Dimensional Kinematics by Mon 9/29.

 Graphical Analysis and Kinematics Exam Review Answer Key 

Exam: Graphical Analysis and Kinematics (25 Grades)

Per 5 Tues 9/23
Per 2,6 Wed 9/24

Lab: Velocity and Acceleration is due on Fri 9/19. Also, Print 
Graphical Analysis and Kinematics Exam Review.

Lab: Velocity and Acceleration for next class
Per 5 Tues 9/16
Per 2,6 Wed 9/17

Kinematics Quiz Grades are posted. Period 6 will be graded by Monday.
Class Averages
Per 2 55%
Per 5 61%

Kinematics Quiz on Fri 9/12.
Kinematics Whiteboarding Exercises Answer Key

Kinematics Extra Practice we will review in class on Thurs. Quiz will be Fri 9/12.

We will review the kinematics whiteboarding exercises next class. Also, Print 
Lab: Velocity and Acceleration for next class
Per 5 Tues 9/9
Per 2,6 Wed 9/10

Kinematics Whiteboarding Exercises for class on Thurs 9/4.

Read Chapter 2 One-Dimensional Kinematics for HW

Print Lab: Motion Detector and Graphical Analysis for next class.
Per 5 Tues 9/2 
Per 2 and 6 Wed 9/3

Lab fees will start being collected on Fri 8/28. $8 for Honors

Graphical Analysis Quiz will be Thurs 8/27. Here is the 
Graphical Analysis Powerpoint 

rint Graphical Analysis of Motion Whiteboarding 
Per 5 Tues 8/26
Per 2,6 Wed 8/27

Acceleration due to gravity lab due for Periods 2,6 on Wed 8/27

Acceleration due to gravity lab due for Periods 2,6 on Wed 8/27

Period 5: Lab Report due on Mon 8/25

Periods 2,6 will finish on Mon 8/25 and will be due on 8/27.

Lab Report needs to be typed and you should have 2 graphs with a title and the x/y axis should be labeled with units.  The conclusion should include your % error.
Quiz on Linearization of Data Thurs 8/21.

Acceleration due to Gravity Lab for class on Thurs 8/21

HW: Work on 
Linearization of Graphs. We will finish whiteboarding the problems on Tues 8/19 and then we will discuss and present the boards.