AP Physics 1 Newsflash

Go to the class website and Please read AP Physics 2015 Grading Statistics so you can see what the cut off scores were for AP Physics 1

AP Physics 1 Results are in.  Keep in mind that it was the first year for the exam and over 60% of students who took the exam nationwide failed due to the redesigned exam. AP Physics C is an established exam and we had a 100% passing rate.

AP Physics 1 Global Results (I will have your scores on July 6th)
5 : 4.1%
4: 12.8%
3: 20%
2: 30.2%
1: 32.9%

The AP Physics 1 exams have been graded. However they have not released the overall scores yet. They are still determining the cut off scores. It was very challenging to grade. I will let you guys know as soon as they tell me. I will have your scores on July 6th.

Please turn in  your Physics Book so you don't get an obligation

Final Project: Physics of Cartoons and Movies
 (40 Grades)
Due on Thurs 5/21  for Seniors
Due on Tues 5/26 and Wed 5/27

AP Physics 1: Rotation Review Videos

AP Physics 1 Multiple Choice Practice #2 with Solutions
AP Physics 1 Practice Free Response Practice Questions
1) 2013 #2
2) 2013 #4
3) 2012 #1
4) 2012 #2
5) 2012 #5
6) 2013 #6

AP Physics 1 Final Assessment

2nd Period
AP Physics 1 Avg = 36.4% (+25% curve)
Honors Physics Avg = 25.4 % (+35% curve)

5th Period
AP Physics 1 Avg = 48% (24% curve)
Honors Physics Avg = 36% (34% curve)

6th Period
AP Physics 1 Avg = 47% (+25% curve)
Honors Physics Avg = 31 % (+35% curve)

Click on the link AP Physics 1 Review Videos by Topic (Watch these videos)

Print and STUDY for Final Exam (30 grades)

Per 5 Tues 4/28
Per 2 and 6 Wed 4/29

Coulomb's Law and Electric Circuits (Series and Parallel) Whiteboarding Solutions

Read Chapter 19 Coulomb's Law pgs 610-621
Read Chapter 21 Electric Circuits pgs 677-697.
Coulomb's Law Video
Electric Circuits Video

Last Unit for the Year 
Fri 4/17: Intro to Electricity and Circuits
Mon 4/20
Coulomb's Law and Electric Circuits (Series and Parallel) Whiteboarding 
Tues/Wed (4/21 & 4/22)
Coulomb's Law and Electric Circuits (Series and Parallel) Whiteboarding 
Thurs 4/23
: Practice Problem
Fri 4/24
: Electricity Exam (20 Grades)
Mon 4/27
: Review Electricity Exam

Tues/Wed (4/28 & 4/29): AP Physics 1 Practice Exam (Honors will take the exam and be graded on a different scale)
(30 grades)


Coulomb's Law and Electric Circuits (Series and Parallel) Whiteboarding for class on Fri 4/17.
Electric Circuits Video
Gravitation Exam Grades are posted.

Gravitation Exam (20 Grades) on Thursday 4/16. 
Gravitation Whiteboarding Exercises Solutions

Gravitation Whiteboarding Exercises for class on Thurs 4/9

Introduction to Gravitation Videos
Newton's Laws of Gravity

Orbits and Satellites


Waves and Doppler Effect Whiteboarding Exercises (Solutions)

Wave and Sound Quiz (15 Grades) on Mon 4/6. AP Physics 1 students need to study AP Physics 1: Wave and Sound Practice with Solution

Doppler Effect Video

Doppler Effect Formula Sheet 
Print Waves and Doppler Effect Whiteboarding Exercises for next class. We will finish up the Lab and start on the whiteboarding.

Introduction to Waves
Wave Basics
Properties of Traveling Waves
Properties of Standing Waves

Print Lab: Intro to Waves for class on Monday 3/30

Print and complete Physics Spring Break Assignment for Mon 3/30. AP Physics 1 needs to complete the entire packet. Honors needs to complete the first 3 questions.  AP Physics 1 this assignment is 15 grades and for Honors it is 10 grades. First grade of the 4th nine weeks.
Also, read Chapter 14: Waves and Sound

Print and Study
 Simple Harmonic Motion Exam Review for class on Fri 3/13 and Mon 3/16.

Hooke's Law Lab
 is due on Thursday 3/12

AP Physics 1 Reference Sheet Everyone will be able to use this for Exams and Quizzes for the rest of the year.

Hooke's Law Lab for class on Mon 3/9

Pendulum Lab
 is due on Fri 3/6.

Simple Harmonic Motion Quiz on Fri 3/6.

Read How Zero-gravity Flights Work 

Pendulum Lab for class on Thurs 3/5

Simple Harmonic Motion Whiteboarding Exercises Solutions
Read Chapter 13 Simple Harmonic Motion and Oscillations

Print Simple Harmonic Motion Whiteboarding Exercises for class on Mon 3/2

Simple Harmonic Motion Video
Rotational Motion Exam (30 Grades)

Per 5 Tues 2/24
Per 2, 6 Wed 2/25

Rotational Motion Exam Practice with Solutions

Rotational Motion Practice with Solutions
 Quiz on Rotational Motion on Wed 2/18

Print Torque Whiteboarding Exercises for class on Monday 2/9

Lab: Rotational Motion (Part 1) for next class.

Read Chapter 10 for Rotational Kinematics Quiz on Thurs 1/29
Rotational Kinematics Whiteboarding Solutions

Rotational Kinematics Whiteboarding for class on Mon 1/26

Intro to Rotational Kinematics Videos
Uniform Circular Motion
Rotational Kinematics Video
Momentum Exam (20 Grades) on Thurs 1/22. 
Momentum Exam Review Answers

Print Momentum Exam Review for class on Tues 1/20. Momentum Exam on Thurs 1/22

Quiz on 2D Momentum on Thurs 1/15. Last grade of the 2nd nine weeks.

2D Momentum and Impulse Whiteboarding Exercises (Answer Key)

Print 2D Momentum and Impulse Whiteboarding Exercises
 for class on Mon 1/12

Lab: Momentum and Impulse is due on Thursday 1/8. Also, there will be a quiz on Thurs 1/8.
Lab: Momentum and Impulse for next class.
Per 5 Tues 1/6
Per 2,6 Wed 1/7

Momentum and Impulse Whiteboarding Exercises for class on Mon 1/5/15

Intro to Momentum and Impulse
Conservation of Momentum Video (Elastic and Inelastic Collisions)

Impulse and Momentum Video

Work and Energy Exam Grades are posted for Per 2 and 5

Print and Study 
Work and Energy Extra Exam Practice

Work and Energy Exam is on Mon 12/15. (25 Grades)
Work and Energy Exam Review Answer Key

Work and Energy Exam Review for next class
Per 5 Tues 12/9
Per 2,6 Wed 12/10

Lab: Work and Energy Part 2 due on Tues 12/9 for Per 5

Work and Energy Lab Part 2 for class on Mon 12/8

Work and Energy Quiz #2 grades are posted for Per 2 and 5

Work and Energy Quiz #2 will be Fri 12/5

Work and Energy Whiteboarding Exercises Answer Key

Work and Energy Whiteboarding Exercises for next class
Per 5 Tues 12/2
Per 2,6 Wed 12/3

Work and Energy Lab Part 1
 due on
Per 5 Tues 12/2 
Per 2,6 Wed 12/3

Intro to Work and Energy Videos
Work and Energy Introduction
Conservation of Energy Video

Newton's Laws Exam Grades are posted
Average by class
2nd- 64%
5th- 78%
6th 69%
Newton's Laws Exam (25 Grades) Thurs 11/20

Newton's Laws Exam Review Answer Key

Newton's Laws Exam Review for class on Mon 11/17.

Pulley Lab 

Force Diagram Whiteboarding Exercises Answer Key
Quiz will be on Mon 11/10
Force Diagram Whiteboarding Exercises for class on Fri 10/31

Read Chapters 5 and 6 Newton's Laws of Motion

Lab: Newton's 2nd Law
Per 5 Tues 10/28
Per 2,6 Wed 10/29

Projectile Motion Exam (20 Grades):
Exam Review Thurs 10/16, Fri 10/17 & Mon 10/20
Per 5 Tues 10/21
Per 2,6 Wed 10/22

Projectile Motion Lab #2 for class on Fri 10/3

Projectile Motion Lab #1 for next class
Per 5 Tues 9/30
Per 2,6 Wed 10/1

HW: Read Chapter 3: Vectors in Physics and Chapter 4 Two-Dimensional Kinematics by Mon 9/29.

 Graphical Analysis and Kinematics Exam Review Answer Key 

Exam: Graphical Analysis and Kinematics (25 Grades)

Per 5 Tues 9/23
Per 2,6 Wed 9/24

Lab: Velocity and Acceleration is due on Fri 9/19. Also, Print 
Graphical Analysis and Kinematics Exam Review.

Lab: Velocity and Acceleration for next class
Per 5 Tues 9/16
Per 2,6 Wed 9/17

Kinematics Quiz Grades are posted. Period 6 will be graded by Monday.
Class Averages
Per 2 55%
Per 5 61%

Kinematics Quiz on Fri 9/12.
Kinematics Whiteboarding Exercises Answer Key

Kinematics Extra Practice we will review in class on Thurs. Quiz will be Fri 9/12.

We will review the kinematics whiteboarding exercises next class. Also, Print 
Lab: Velocity and Acceleration for next class
Per 5 Tues 9/9
Per 2,6 Wed 9/10

Kinematics Whiteboarding Exercises for class on Thurs 9/4.

Read Chapter 2 One-Dimensional Kinematics for HW

Print Lab: Motion Detector and Graphical Analysis for next class.
Per 5 Tues 9/2 
Per 2 and 6 Wed 9/3

Lab fees will start being collected on Fri 8/28. $8 for Honors

Graphical Analysis Quiz will be Thurs 8/27. Here is the 
Graphical Analysis Powerpoint 

rint Graphical Analysis of Motion Whiteboarding 
Per 5 Tues 8/26
Per 2,6 Wed 8/27

Acceleration due to gravity lab due for Periods 2,6 on Wed 8/27

Acceleration due to gravity lab due for Periods 2,6 on Wed 8/27

Period 5: Lab Report due on Mon 8/25

Periods 2,6 will finish on Mon 8/25 and will be due on 8/27.

Lab Report needs to be typed and you should have 2 graphs with a title and the x/y axis should be labeled with units.  The conclusion should include your % error.
Quiz on Linearization of Data Thurs 8/21.

Acceleration due to Gravity Lab for class on Thurs 8/21

HW: Work on 
Linearization of Graphs. We will finish whiteboarding the problems on Tues 8/19 and then we will discuss and present the boards.