Honors Physics Newsflash

Bring in your books by Mon 6/2

Please Print
Cartoon/Movie Physics Project for class today. I will be grading everyone as a group.

Final Project: Cartoon/Movie Physics Project (30 grades)

Video: Examples of Clips to use for Cartoon/Movie Physics Project

Electric Circuit Model Whiteboarding for class on Wed 5/7

Electric Circuit Video

Intro to Electricity Video

Print Coulomb's Law Whiteboarding Exercises for class on Wed 4/23

Gravitation Exam Grades are posted. Class Average 61% with 10% curve. 

Gravitation Exam (15 Grades) on Mon 4/21

Here is Gravitation Exam Review (with answers) that we did in class on Wed 4/16.

Gravitation Whiteboarding Exercises Answer Key

Gravitation Whiteboarding Exercises for class on Mon 4/14

Here is the link
Universal Law of Gravitation Video
SHM Exam Average was 52% (added a 10% curve)

SHM Exam (15 grades) will be on Fri 4/4

Simple Harmonic Motion Whiteboarding Exercises Solutions
Simple Harmonic Motion Whiteboarding Exercises for class on Mon 3/31

Lab: Hooke's Law for class on Mon 3/17

Pendulum Lab for class on Wed 3/12

Read pgs Chapter 13 Oscillations (Simple Harmonic Motion) 383-404

Video: Simple Harmonic Motion Introduction
Rotational Motion Exam Grades are posted. Class Average was 62% with 5% curve.

Here is the explanation for the Torque ladder problem
Rotational Motion Exam is on Wed 3/5 (25 Grades). 
Rotational Motion Exam Practice with Answers

Rotational Motion Quiz #2 is Wed 2/26.  Also, Print 
Torque Whiteboarding Problems for class on Wed 2/26.

Rotational Motion Lab #2 is due on Wed 2/26

Rotational Motion Lab #2 is due on Wed 2/26

Print Rotation Lab #1 for class on Wed 2/19

Rotational Motion Quiz #1 Wed 2/12

Could not make it today and I will be out on Thurs 2/6 and Mon 2/10. Your quiz on Rotation will be next Wed 2/12. You will have review problems to be completed in class. Practice Problems for 2/6 and 2/10

Rotational Motion Whiteboarding Exercises 

Rotational Kinematics Videos
1) Intro to Rotational Kinematics Video
2) Uniform Circular Motion and Centripetal Acceleration Video

Intro to Rotational Kinematics Practice for class on Wed 1/29.

HW: Read Chapter 10: Rotational Kinematics and Energy.  We will whiteboard the exam for extra points and then we will start on Rotational Kinematics which can be very challenging so make sure you READ chapter 10.
Momentum Exam Grades are posted. Class Average 64%

Momentum Exam (20 Grades) on Mon 1/27
Momentum Exam Review Answer Key
Momentum Exam Review 

Here is the  
2-Dimensional Momentum Whiteboarding Exercises ANSWER KEY
Quiz on 2D Momentum will be on Wed 1/22.

2-Dimensional Momentum Whiteboarding Exercises for class on Wed 1/15.

Momentum and Impulse Whiteboarding (I printed this one for you in class yesterday)

Momentum and Impulse Lab for class on Wed 1/8.

Conservation of Momentum Video
Impulse and Momentum Video

Here is the key for Work and Energy Quiz #2 Answer Key and Practice Problem
Note: I have a meeting after school.  If you have questions feel free to stop by today or tomorrow before the exam.

Work and Energy Exam (25 Grades) on Wed 12/18
- Know how to prove the following:
   - Units
   - Work-Energy Theorem using Newton's 2nd Law and the time independent       kinematics formula.
   - Conservation of Energy with Conservative and Non-Conservative Forces
   - Solving problems that involve the quadratic formula and springs

Work and Energy Quiz #2 Grades are posted.

Print Work and Energy Whiteboarding Exercises for class on Wed 12/11.

Here is Work and Energy Practice Problem (With Solution) that we did in class on Mon 12/9.

Work and Energy Lab #2 is due on Mon 12/9

 Work and Energy Lab #1 is due on Thurs 12/5. Please type and show all work.

Here is the Work and Energy Powerpoint

Work and Work-Energy Theorem Video

Read Chapter 7: Work and Energy for Friday 11/23.
Newton's Laws Exam Grades are posted...Class Average 69%

Newton's Laws Exam (20 Grades)
Wed 11/20

Here is Newton's Laws Exam Review Extra Practice Answer Key

Print Newton's Laws Exam Review Extra Practice for class on Mon 11/18.

Here is the Newton's Laws Exam Review Answer Key 

Print Newton's Laws Exam Review for class on Thurs 11/14.

Pulley Lab due Wed 11/13 

Print Pulley Lab for class on Wed 11/6

Quiz on Force Diagrams will be on Wed 11/6
Here is the Force Diagram Whiteboarding Answer Key

Lab: Newton's 2nd Law due on Thurs 10/31.

Print Force Diagram Whiteboarding for class on Thurs 10/31.

Print Lab: Newton's 2nd Law for class on Wed 10/30

Application of Newton's 2nd Law

Read all of Chapter 5: Newton's Laws of Motion for class on Wednesday 10/23

Projectile Motion Exam Grades are posted. Class average was 70%.  We will review the exam on Monday 10/21. This was the last grade for the first nine weeks.

Projectile Motion Exam (25 Grades) will be on Fri 10/18 since we will not meet today due to PSAT testing.  This gives you more time to study.  Also, if you have any questions I will be here after school on Thurs 10/17 for tutoring.

Review this website Projectile Motion Tutorial for the Projectile Motion Exam

Projectile Motion Exam (25 Grades) will be on Wed 10/16.  Here is Projectile Motion Exam Practice with answers. I will be in RM 2177 on Tues 10/15 if you have questions

Print Projectile Motion Lab #2
 for class on Thurs 10/10.

Print Projectile Motion Lab #1 for class on Wed 10/9.  Quiz #2 on Projectile Motion will be at the beginning of class. Study Projectile Motion Exercises #1 Answer Key

Print Projectile Motion Exercises #1

 for class on Fri 10/4
Kinematics Exam Grades are posted.  Class average was 64%

Here are Kinematics Problems (Extra Practice for Exam) with Answers

Print Kinematics Exam Practice

Watch Projectile Motion Video

Please Read Chapter 3: Vectors and Chapter 4 "2D motion for class on Wed 10/2.
 for class on Thurs 9/26

Print Kinematics Whiteboarding Exercises for class on Mon 9/23

Lab Report :Velocity and Acceleration due on Mon 9/23 (3 people per Lab report)
- Type in data
- Graphs to be done on Excel
   - Constant Velocity (Distance vs Time)
       - Add Trendline
       - Velocity vs Time
       - Acceleration vs Time
  - Constant Positive Acceleration
       - Distance vs Time
       - Linearized Graph to determine the acceleration

       - Velocity vs Time
       - Acceleration vs Time
Answer Conclusion Question: Show all work!
Discuss any errors that may have affected your data.

Please Print Lab: Velocity and Acceleration
 for class on Wed 9/18.

Kinematics Practice Problems.

We will Review the problems on Monday 9/16. Also, READ and STUDY Chapter 2.

Here is the Deriving Kinematics Equations

Work on

Graphical Analysis of Motion Lab will be due on Wed 9/11 (5 grades)

- Sketch a velocity vs time graph for (1-9)
- Type a written description of the motion for each.

Graphical Analysis of Motion Animations

Finish Graphical Analysis of Motion Whiteboarding Problems for class on Wed 9/4. We will whiteboard these problems and discuss.  Also, Print Lab: Graphical Analysis of Motion 

Read Chapter 2: 1-Dimenstional Kinematics

Print Graphical Analysis of Motion Whiteboarding Problems for class on Friday 8/30.

Acceleration due to Gravity Lab due Thurs 8/30
Lab Report Format
2-3 per Lab Report
- Typed
- Graphs done on Excel. 2 total
      1) Distance vs Time
      2) Distance vs Time2
Show calculations with units

Linearization of Data Quiz will be on Fri 8/23

Please Print Acceleration due to Gravity Lab for class on Fri 8/23