AP Physics 1 Newsflash

Print Projectile Motion Whiteboarding Exercises for class on Friday 10/9

Quiz on Deriving Projectile Kinematics on Friday 10/9

Lab: Object Launched at an Angle for class on Monday 10/5

Horizontal Launch Lab
will be due on Mon 10/5 (8 Grades) 

Watch Video: Motion in 2-Dimensions

Horizontal Launch Lab for class on Tues 9/29

Read Chapter 3: Vectors in Physics and Chapter 4 and Chapter 4 Two-Dimensional Kinematics

Kinematics and Graphical Analysis Exam Grades are posted (25% curve)
Per 1: 57% Average
Per 3: 61% Average
Per 5: 64% Average

Kinematics and Graphical Analysis Exam on Friday 9/26 (20 Grades)

Intro to Kinematics Video

Kinematics Whiteboarding for class on Thursday 9/17

Lab: Velocity and Acceleration
  is due on Thurs 9/17 (8 grades)

Print Lab: Velocity and Acceleration for class on Fri 9/11

Graphical Analysis Quiz Grades are posted.

Graphical Analysis Quiz (Thursday 9/10) (5 grades)
Graphical Analysis Quiz Practice with Solutions

Graphical Analysis Whiteboarding Exercises Part 2 for class on Fri 9/4

Graphical Analysis of Motion Powerpoint we discussed in class.

Read Chapter 2 (1-Dimensional Kinematics) for class on Tues 9/1. Also, Print Graphical Analysis Whiteboarding

Wed 8/26: We will continue working on 
Linearization of Data and Graphing Whiteboarding

Fri 8/28 Quiz on Linearization of Data Linearization of Data and Graphing Whiteboarding Solutions

Quiz on Linearization of Data will be postponed due to the Junior Assembly today during 3rd and 5th period. The quiz will be on Monday 8/31 unless we are out due to the storm. If not it will be on Tues 9/1. I will keep you posted.