AP Physics 1 Newsflash

AP Physics 1 National Results are posted at http://www.totalregistration.net/AP-Exam-Registration-Service/2016-AP-Exam-Score-Distributions.php

AP Physics 15's
June 15While the exam was challenging for many, AP Physics 1 scores improved over last year: an increase of 2.3% in scores of 3+ in North America.
The AP Physics data don't yet include international students, which typically boost AP Physics scores of 3+ by another % point or two.
Multiple-choice questions on Science Practice 5 (Data Analysis & Evaluation) posed the greatest challenge to students.
FRQ1 (rotation/forces) & Q5 (waves) scored lowest; half of students earned no more than 1 of 7 pts: spr.ly/6019Btp5B
1 student, out of ~150,000 scored so far, earned a perfect score of 80/80 pts on this year’s exam. No student had yet done so.

Physics Project
 is due on Tues 5/31 

Bring in your books this week

Physics Project

Seniors will be exempt from the project since grades are due on Fri May 27th

AP Physics 1 Exam is tomorrow (Thurs 5/19)...Report to the gym at 10:40am so that the exam starts at 12pm.

Inertial Mass vs Gravitational Mass (Definitions)

Velocity at Center of Mass Video

Schedule for the week

Mon 5/16: Review Physics 1 2016 Free-Response Questions
Tues 5/17: Multiple Choice Practice Exam
Wed 5/18: AP Physics 1 Review Session after school 
Thurs 5/19: AP Review until 11:00am...exam should start on time around 12pm

Equations to MEMORIZE for AP Physics 1 Exam

I will have one more Multiple Choice Practice Exam next week. Please look over the free-response questions that were released. AP Physics 1 2016 Free-Response Questions
AP Physics 1 2016 Solutions (Video)

AP Physics 1 Exam has been rescheduled for Thursday May 19th at 12:00pm:   THE EXAM WILL NOT BE A HARDER...IT WILL BE A DIFFERENT FORM!!!

AP Physics 1 Exam Score Calculator

EXTRA AP Physics 1 Multiple Choice Practice Questions with Solutions

AP Physics 1 Review Material


AP Physics 1 Review from Learnerator

AP Physics 1 Review from Flipping Physics

AP Physics 1 Review Videos (ALL TOPICS)

50 Ways to Review for the AP Physics 1 Exam

AP Physics 1 Electricity Exam Review Problems SOLUTIONS

Print and Begin working on 
AP Physics 1 Electricity Exam Review Problems 

Electricity Practice Problem with Solution (Correction: d) 0.015A)

Coulomb's Law and Circuits Whiteboarding Exercises SOLUTIONS

Coulomb's Law and Circuits Whiteboarding Exercises for class on Tues 4/5

Waves and Sound  MC Exam Grades are posted

Waves and Sound Exam Review Answers

Wave and Doppler Effect Whiteboarding Answers

Print and start working on 
Waves and Sound Exam Review

Oder AP Physics 1 Princeton Review Book

Video: AP Physics 1 Waves and Sound

Print for class on Mon 3/14

Intro to Waves Video

AP Physics 1: Waves and Sound Outline 

Read Chapter 14 Waves and Sound

Gravitation Exam grades are posted
MC Avg 61%
FR Avg 60%

Gravitation Exam will be on Tues 3/8
MC (25 grades)
FR (25 Grades)
Gravitation Whiteboarding Exercises Solutions
Gravitation Practice Exam Solutions

Gravitation Whiteboarding Exercises for class on Fri 2/26

Graphing Kepler's 3rd Law Activity due on Thurs 2/25

Gravitation Video

Read Chapter 12: Gravitation and Review Cavendish and the Value of Gravitational Constant

Simple Harmonic Motion Exam Grades are posted

MC Avg 67%
FR Avg 60%
(Note: Averages are for Periods 1,3,5)

Simple Harmonic Motion Exam Practice Solutions

Simple Harmonic Motion Exam will be on Thursday 2/18. It will be a block day for Periods 1,3,5
MC - 25 grades
FR- 25 grades

Print Simple Harmonic Motion Exam Practice for class on Thursday 2/11

Simple Harmonic Motion and Oscillations Whiteboarding Solutions
Simple Harmonic Motion Practice Quesiton (Graphing and Solving for "g")

Simple Harmonic Motion and Oscillations Whiteboarding Exercises

Lab: Simple Harmonic Motion for class on Tues 2/2

Read Chapter 13: Oscillations

Simple Harmonic Motion Intro Problem with Solution

Simple Harmonic Motion Video

2nd Nine week grades are posted

Rotational Motion Multiple Choice Grades are posted: Averaage was 63%
Rotational Motion Free-Response Grades are posted: Average was 68%

Rotational Motion Exam Review Answer Keys

Rotation Exam Review #1 SOLUTIONS
Rotation Exam Review #2 SOLUTIONS

Rotational Motion Exam Review Videos

Angular Momentum Video
Torque Video

Print Angular Momentum Study Guide

Rotational Motion Exam

(FR) Thurs 1/21 (30 Grades)
(MC) Fri 1/22 (30 grades)

Rotational Motion Exam Review on Tues 1/19
Print and work on the following problems:

Print and study 
Rotation Exam Practice for Friday 1/15

Torque Problems with Solutions

Print Lab: Rotational Motion for class on Tues 1/12
Print Torque Whiteboarding Exercises for class on Tues 1/12

Read Chapter 11: Rotational Dynamics and Static Equilibrium

Rotational Kinematics Videos
Uniform Circular Motion Video
Rotational Kinematics Video

Rotational Kinematics Intro/Practice Problems for class on Thursday 1/7

Intro to Rotational Kinematics Whiteboarding Exercises for class on Thurs 1/7

Read Chapter 10: Rotational Kinematics and Energy for HW.

Momentum and Impulse Lab due on Thursday 1/7

Momentum and Impulse Lab for class on Tues 1/5

Happy New Year! AP Physics Take Home Exam due Monday 1/4. Have all the problems worked out either on a separate sheet of paper or on the packet.

Period 3: Momentum and Impulse Quiz Average 67% (6 people got 100% and there was no cheating...good job!!)

Momentum Practice with Coefficient of Restitution (Solutions)

Print the for class on Fri 12/11
Momentum and Impulse Whiteboarding Exercises

Click on the link for Coefficient of Restitution Please read and take notes on this as well.

Read and Outline  Chapter 9: Linear Momentum and Collisions. The outline will be your notes for the next topic. Take good notes!

Work and Energy Exam Grades are posted

Work and Energy Whiteboarding Exercises (1-7) Solutions

Work and Energy Exam on Tues 12/8
MC (30 Grades)
FR (30 Grades)

Work and Energy Whiteboarding Exercises for class on Thursday 12/3

Work and Energy Lab
 due on Thurs 12/3: Groups of 4, typed except for free response

Work and Energy Lab for class on Tues 12/1

Work and Energy Quiz on Mon 11/30

Work and Energy Practice with Solutions

Video: Conservation of Energy

Read Chapters 7 & 8 on Work and Energy

Newton's Laws (MC) Exam Grades are posted
Per 1: 61% Average with 16% curve
Per 3: 75% Average with 10% curve
Per 5: 74% Average with 10% curve

Newton's Laws Exam Review Solutions

Newton's Laws and Force Diagram Exam
Multiple Choice Fri 11/13 (15 grades)
Free-response Mon 11/16 (15 grades)

Print Newton's Laws Exam Review (Multiple Choice) for class on Tues 11/10

Newton's Laws Exam Review for class on Tues 11/10 

Force Diagrams and Uniform Circular Motion Whiteboarding Exercises SOLUTIONS

Grading Scale for 2nd and 3rd Nine Weeks

 A 87-100
 B 75-86
 C 62-74
 D 55-62
 F <55

Newton's 2nd Law: Pulley Lab
  is due on Thursday 11/4

Force Diagram Whiteboarding Exercises for class on Tues 11/3. We will finish up the lab the first part of class.

Read Section 6-5 (Circular Motion) for HW

Newton's 2nd Law: Pulley Lab for class on Mon 11/2

Physics Club Meeting today 10/27 in rm 2245 at 2:25pm

Force Diagram Video
Force on an Incline Plane Video

Read Chapter 5 Newton's Laws of Motion for the next lecture

I will be out today (Fri 10/16) please complete Projectile Motion Extra Credit Assignment and give to the substitute. We will review your exams on Monday 10/19.

Projectile Motion Exam Grades are posted

Class Averages
1st: 65%
3rd: 61%
5th: 61%

Projectile Motion Whiteboarding Exercises Solutions

Projectile Motion (2D) Exam on Thursday 10/15 (30 Grades)

Projectile Motion Whiteboarding Exercises for class on Friday 10/9

Quiz on Deriving Projectile Kinematics on Friday 10/9

Lab: Object Launched at an Angle for class on Monday 10/5

Horizontal Launch Lab
will be due on Mon 10/5 (8 Grades) 

Watch Video: Motion in 2-Dimensions

Horizontal Launch Lab for class on Tues 9/29

Read Chapter 3: Vectors in Physics and Chapter 4 and Chapter 4 Two-Dimensional Kinematics

Kinematics and Graphical Analysis Exam Grades are posted (25% curve)
Per 1: 57% Average
Per 3: 61% Average
Per 5: 64% Average

Kinematics and Graphical Analysis Exam on Friday 9/26 (20 Grades)

Intro to Kinematics Video

Kinematics Whiteboarding for class on Thursday 9/17

Lab: Velocity and Acceleration
  is due on Thurs 9/17 (8 grades)

Print Lab: Velocity and Acceleration for class on Fri 9/11

Graphical Analysis Quiz Grades are posted.

Graphical Analysis Quiz (Thursday 9/10) (5 grades)
Graphical Analysis Quiz Practice with Solutions

Graphical Analysis Whiteboarding Exercises Part 2 for class on Fri 9/4

Graphical Analysis of Motion Powerpoint we discussed in class.

Read Chapter 2 (1-Dimensional Kinematics) for class on Tues 9/1. Also, Print Graphical Analysis Whiteboarding

Wed 8/26: We will continue working on 
Linearization of Data and Graphing Whiteboarding

Fri 8/28 Quiz on Linearization of Data Linearization of Data and Graphing Whiteboarding Solutions

Quiz on Linearization of Data will be postponed due to the Junior Assembly today during 3rd and 5th period. The quiz will be on Monday 8/31 unless we are out due to the storm. If not it will be on Tues 9/1. I will keep you posted.