Starting March 30th, your child will be getting ready for the State Standardized Test (FSA) by practicing what we have learned all year in Course 2/Course 2A. They will be doing all work in their 70 page FSA spiral. We will get these ready on Friday, March 27th. The students will be spending 2-4 weeks prior to the FSA test on this intense practice. We will be working in class together as well as in FCAT booklets at home. Please take care of these booklets as we reuse from year to year. Your child's spiral and FCAT booklet can be kept safe in a protective folder. Thanks ahead of time for your cooperation as we strive to be the best here at SMS!

ALL STUDENTS - YOU WILL NEED A ONE-SUBJECT SPIRAL FOR OUR FSA TEST PREP ASAP.  If you bring it in early I can hold it for you. These may be available at the school store. We'll begin with these on 3/27.

Both Courses:  Time to stock up on your school supplies.  LINED PAPER, PENCILS, and RED PENS, please.

Course 2:
Chapter 12 Vocab Quiz on 3/23 (Counts for 3rd quarter)
  Chapter 12 Test on 3/24 (Counts for 4th quarter).
  Quiz on Inequalities on 3/27. 

Course 2A:  
Chapter 9 Quiz on 3/27.

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