There are 10 days of "Field Days" and "Field Trips" and our math class will be missing students.  If you miss class you are RESPONSIBLE for taking notes, studying, and doing the Homework.

Here are some upcoming dates:

Course 2A-
11/24 - Green Test #4
11/25 - Make Up Work Day/Portfolio Day

Course 2 -
11/24 -  Intro to Chapter 6
11/25 -  Make Up Work/Review Day

EXTRA CREDIT for C2:  On IXL website do extra practice (7th Grade) with the three topics we covered on our last quiz.  (J-11 Rate of Change, J-12 Constant Rate of Change, and X-11 Slope)  To earn the extra credit you must work for one hour.  Spiral not necessary.
Login example:  N123456@ sarasota.   Password:  45678 
Extra Credit is due 12/1.