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Chattahoochee 2012 - 2013 Yearbook Information
Below please find Yearbook Ordering Procedures and Photo Submission Guidelines


Pre-order your 2012-2013 Yearbook TODAY for just $30.00 online at  Just type in the school name and choose the yearbook.  This is a new company for us this year and they are offering us many new Add-Ons that are also shown on this site for purchase.

Here are the Yearbook orders that have been received as of May 10, 2013:

Last Name Teacher   Last Name Teacher
Adams Evans   Matthews Bowns
Aguilar Bell   McBrayer Neilan
Ainsworth Landers   McCall Evans
Aldridge Bowns   McClendon Irwin
Allen McCrary   McEntyre Medick
Allen Chapman   McGouirk Lucas
Archer Bowns   McGouirk Hall
Atkinson Claxton   McGrath Neilan
Baird Aiken   McKenna McCrary
Baker McNeil   McKinney Vazquez
Baker Hall   McNeil Mahfouz
Baldwin McCrary   McNeil Perryman
Barnard Mathews   Meadows Dutton
Barnard Shadburn   Medick McCrary
Barton McCrary   Mills Chapman
Belk Mathews   Millwood McCrary
Bennett Cagle   Mishoe Medick
Bennett Bertasi   Mitchell Myers
Bergstrom Landers   Mitchell Myers
Bergstrom Perryman   Montgomery Dutton
Bergstrom Dutton   Moon Medick
Beringson Britt   Morales Mahfouz
Berrier McCrary   Morgan Medick
Bidwell McCrary   Morgan Dutton
Blevins Mitchell   Morgan Landers
Bowns Bowns   Nahlik Britt
Bowns DiMola   Neilan Neilan
Brennan Aiken   Neville Vazquez
Brooks Shadburn   Neville Lee-Park
Brown Chapman   Nichols Aiken
Brumbelow Hoke   Noble Perryman
Brumbelow Hall   Noble McCrary
Bryson Chapman   NOWALK BERTASI
Bryson Sullivan   Oldham Lucas
Burns Bell   Olguin Bowns
Byers Vazquez   Owens Claxton
Byers Myers   Owens Mitchell
Caballero Mahfouz   Palkowitsh Neilan
Cagle Cagle   Palkowitsh Myers
Callahan Irwin   Park Perryman
Campbell McNeill   Parks Hicks
Cannady Yule   Patelczyk Bell
Cannon Yule   Patelczyk Britt
Carr Cipriani   Patrick Boyd
Castleberry Irwin   Payne Mitchell
Caton Aiken   Payne Shadburn
Ceresini Perryman   Pearce Shadburn
Chandler Mahfouz   Peoples Nolan
Chavez Kennedy   Peoples Walsh
Cholak Mahfouz   Perry McCrary
Cholak Shadburn   Perry Cipriani
Claborn Mitchell   Pilibino Bowns
Clarke Walsh   Pipping Yule
Cooke Walsh   Ponder Lee-Park
Craddock Vazquez   Pounds Hicks
Craddock Britt   Prosser Vazquez
Crowder Crowder   Prutu Mafouz
Crowe DiMola   Puckett Aiken
Cunningham McNeil   Pursley Irwin
Daniel Mahfouz   Ragan Peppers
Daniel Irwin   Read Evans
Danielson Yule   Richardson McCrary
Delgado Mahfouz   Richardson Walsh
Dempsey Hall   Ridgell Claxton
Dillon Bowns   Riemersma Nolan
DiMola Vazquez   Riemersma Nolan
Doedens Vazquez   Riemersma McNeill
Dominick McCrary   Roberts Walsh
Donaldson Britt   Roberts Chapman
Douthat Landers   Rodriguez Walsh
Douthat Evans   Rogers Aiken
Dressel Vazquez   Rogers Irwin
Droegemueller Britt   Rosales Mitchell
Droegemueller Bowns   Rothstein Bowns
Droegemueller Kennedy   Rothstein Cipriani
Durkin Myers   Roveto Landers
Eidson Mitchell   Saindon McCrary
Eidson Chapman   Saindon Bertasi
England Boyd   Sanchez-Palomares Mrs.Landers
Escobar Mathews   Sander Mathews
Fischer Medick   Sanfilippo Yule
Flack Vazquez   Santoriello Sullivan
Flynn McCrary   Santoriello DiMola
Folsom Cipriani   Seaney Hoke
Ford Bowns   Seaney Hicks
Ford Parks   Seay Vazquez
Ford Neilan   Seay Cagle
Franco McCrary   Seipp claxton
Frank Bertasi   Serwitz Aiken
Frank Walsh   Shadburn Shadburn
Frank Hall   Shadburn Perryman
Franklin Mitchell   Shadle Hoke
Fuentes DiMola   Shaw Irwin
Garcia Hoke   Shellhaas Aiken
Gardner McNeil   Shellhaas Nolan
Garibay Mitchell   Shelnut Dutton
Garner Vazquez   Sherer Aiken
Gennuso Mrs.Bowns   Sloan Mrs. Aikin
Gentile Claxton   Smith Mahfouz
Georges Mahfouz   Smith Hicks
Gillespie Mitchell   Snodgrass Hicks
Gillespie Kennedy   Snodgrass Hoke
Gist Dutton   Springer Lucas
Glass Shadburn   Springsteen DiMola
Grace Sullivan   Stancil Hall
Gravitt Chapman   Stancil Claxton
Greene Myers   Stanfield Cagle
Greene Vazquez   Stephenson Hoke
Greenfield Kennedy   Stever Bowns
Greenfield Chapman   Stewart Britt
Greer mitchell   Stewart Shadburn
Hagan Hall   Strickland Hoke
Haines Claxton   Studer Hicks
Hamilton Cagle   Sullens DiMola
Haney Aiken   Swanson Myers
Hardy Chapman   Szakacs Bell
Harp Bertasi   Szakacs Landers
Hathaway Vazquez   Taylor Mathews
Hathaway Chapman   Taylor Aiken
Heagerty Neilan   Tenuta Neilan
Heard Aiken   Teter Hicks
Heard Hicks   Thomas Irwin
Heard Walsh   Thomas Mathews
Hedelius Mrs. McNeill   Tovar Mahfouz
Herringdine Claxton   Trainer Walsh
Herringdine Mathews   Trainer Dutton
Hetrick Kennedy   Trammell Hoke
Hill Mahfouz   Traverso Cagle
Hill Lee-Park   Trejo Bell
Hilton Bowns   TRINH IRWIN
Hilton Hicks   turki ms.mcNeil
Hitt Dutton   Turner Shadburn
Hollenbeck Aiken   Valdez Bell
Holmes Lucas   Viscomi Walsh
Horton Britt   Viscomi Sullivan
Horton Vazquez   Volpe Cagle
Hubbard Lee-Park   Volpe Mitchell
Hughs Mahfouz   Volpe Kennedy
Hunter Landers   Voyer Landers
Hutcheson Irwin   Voyer Lee-Park
Hutcheson Mitchell   Wade Hall
Hutcheson Chapman   Wade Hall
Irwin Irwin   Wade Lucas
Jarom Vazquez   Wagner DiMola
Jennings Landers   Walbrun Perryman
Johnson McCrary   Walbrun Vazquez
Johnson Bowns   Wall Landers
Johnson Walsh   Wall Hall
Johnson Vazquez   Ward Mahfouz
Johnston Mahfouz   Wareham Yule
Joiner McNeil   Watkins Claxton
Katz Hicks   Watkins Cipriani
Kennedy Landers   Watters Vazquez
Kenny Cagle   Watts Cagle
Killian Vazquez   Weaver Mathews
Landi Landers   Weyenberg Landers
Landreth Bowns   Weyenberg Evans
LaVigne Sullivan   White Hoke
LaVigne Nolan   Whitehurst Irwin
LaVigne Kennedy   Wilson Hall
Lawson Nolan   Wilson Sullivan
LeDonne Mahfouz   Witt Medick
Lewis Landers   Witt Sullivan
Loomis Bertasi   Witt Lucas
Maliszewski Hicks   Wood Landers
Mashburn Lucas   Wood Hall
Mason Bell   Wood Claxton
Mathews Dutton   Young McCrary
      Zinn McCrary

The yearbook has been published, we are unable to accept any more photos for the 2012-2013 yearbook.  Below please find the instructions for next year...

Photo Submission Guidelines

  • Go to (note there is no www in the website address)
  • Fill in the following information:
    Our school's project number = 320424
    Password = champions (all lower case letters)
    Your name and contact information
  • You will then be asked to look over the agreement that you are making with the school and Balfour Publishing. Agree/mark that you have read it. Then click next.
  • You can upload up to five pictures from this next screen.
  • Please note that a caption is REQUIRED for each photograph.
    List the caption as follows: Grade/Event/Teacher (i.e. 5/rockeagle/payne)


  • Only upload the 5-10 BEST photos you have PER EVENT
  • Limit the number of times you upload your child to one picture per event you photograph
  • Photo Resolution - no pictures accepted larger than 20 mb; however, this is a HUGE file. Please set your camera's resolution on high but your FILE SIZE on medium.
  • Submit pictures within 5 days of when you photographed the event.

Helpful Hints for Great Yearbook Pictures

  • Composition:
    Single Students (rarely)
    Pairs of Students
    Small groups (3-5 kids) - preferable
    Large groups - zoom in as much as possible
    Get each child 3-4 times in a variety of photo
    Variety, variety, variety (race, sex, age, etc.)

  • Stand within 6 feet of your subject. Close ups are best.
  • Don't cut off heads!
  • Get down on the kids' level.
  • Remember to take horizontal and vertical pictures.
  • Don't shoot the same picture more than once unless you know it wasn't a good picture.
  • Take action shots of teachers, administrators, secretaries, cafeteria staff, custodians, PTO volunteers, media specialists, teachers, school nurse, bus drivers, etc.
  • Don't take all your pictures the same day, go to school multiple days. If you don't, the kids will be wearing the same clothes throughout the book!
  • Put the "jumpers" (kids who jump into every picture) on the outside of the group so that we can crop them out easily if we need to. We want lots of different faces to be covered!
  • Activities: Consult with the teacher/grade level chair to get each teacher's list of classroom activities, dates, and times.
  • GREAT PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES - Sunny days, walkers, bikers, bus riders, lunchroom, breakfast, playground, basketball courts, book fair, hallways, P.E., computer labs, media center, carpool lines, clinic, field trips, etc.


Questions: Contact Kristen Kenny at 229-506-3196 or