Math Syllabus

Crabapple Lane Elementary
2015-2016 Fifth Grade Math Syllabus

Units of Study (including interactive activities, notes, projects, reading and writing across the curriculum, and special related events):
  • Order of Operations and Whole Numbers
  • Decimals and Place Value
  • Decimals and Operations
  • Geometry and the Coordinate Plane
  • Fractions and Operations
  • 2-D Figures
  • Volume and Measurement
  • Show What We Know

Textbook: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Go Math! Georgia

Grading Procedures: Grades will be calculated using a weighted grading system as follows:

Tests/Performance-Based Assessments: 35%

Quizzes: 30%

Daily Work/Activities: 25%

Homework: 10%