April 18th, 2014:

Students have been working on the history of Latin America and the Caribbean, Canada, and Australia in class through completing a pocket organizer that has the historical figures in the shape of a person with their picture, as well as completing a quiz and HW through answering the standards over the Colombian Exchange, influence of slavery in the development of Latin America, and explaining the encounter and consequences between the Spanish Conquistadors with the Aztecs and Inca civilizations.  Students also completed historical person cards over the Zapatista movement in Mexico and the Cuban Revolution.
 On April the 17th they learned a study technique to learn the history of Canada's colonial period with the fight between the British and French to control the modern-day country of Canada, as well as the independence movement of modern-day French Quebec. On April 18th we continued our study with a review of Canada's climate, physical features, and its location on the impact of trade, focusing on North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). We then moved to Australia with a review of its physical features and there importance historically and in the modern-day economy. HW: Students were given CRCT pages with history of Australia as a review to use the new study strategy that I have taught them which will be due when they return on Monday, April 21st to take their test over history.

April 21st, 2014: Students will take their test over History, and a portion will be over the government terms and governments of European countries: Germany, Russia, and the UK. If a student pass with a 90 they will be given the governments of Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Australia, and Canada to compare and contrast using primary documents over the countries to compare their personal freedoms, systems and types of governments. Students who do not pass will be with me working with the government terms before they begin learning the different countries personal freedoms, systems and terms. This teaching strategy is called compacting the curriculum which allows me to meet each student where they are in their learning of the government standards due to my already teaching the government systems and terms. We will be working with government and economics this week to review for CRCT.

During NBI students will be working on their history review packet of Europe to refresh them before the CRCT. I would like to thank Mrs. Brewer and Mrs. Kremkau for allowing students to work during their classes after the math CRCT on reviewing the history of Europe through their packets or watching historical videos. Mrs. Stone and Mrs. Sexton will be working with students after the Reading and ELA CRCT with a review of Australia's and Canada's history as well through cross word puzzle (kids put on your thinking caps). It is wonderful to work with such caring teachers.