PE Letter


Welcome back to Greenbrier PE!             

               We are so excited about our theme this year “Sports Teach Everyone Math and Science”. Along with learning many new skills this year your child will learn some awesome, cool facts about how math and science play important roles in the world of sports.  Mr. Bones is excited to teach the "Muscles" of our body this year.

               We will see your child in PE every other day, so be sure they wear tennis shoes and girls remember to wear shorts under your skirts. It is important to always be prepared.

               We look forward to teaching your child this year. We use our website to provide any new information taking place this year in PE. Please read the following information below concerning the PE program here at Greenbrier Elementary.

Mrs. Vaught and Mr. Heider- PE Teachers



               In order to get the most benefit and enjoyment out of your physical education class, as well as to insure a safe environment, students will need to follow the basic rules listed below.

1.      Follow all directions and safety procedures.

2.      Keep hand and feet to yourself.

3.      Take care of all equipment.

4.      Listen when others are speaking.

5.      Show good sportsmanship at all times!

6.      Wear your tennis shoes.

7.      No sliding or spinning on the gym floor!

If a student chooses not to follow the rules, we will follow these steps during one PE period.

1.      Verbal Warning

2.     Time out with a teacher conversation.

If a student continually reaches step 1 and 2 then they will be entered into Educator's Handbook and a letter will be sent home to the parents in order to make the parents aware of the situation. If the behavior continues after a letter has been sent home we will then implement the following steps:

3.      Sit out the rest of the period and a phone call will be made to the child’s parent.

4.      Meeting with Principal or Assistant Principal.

Parents, please take time to discuss the rules and consequences with your child.