Welcome to Computer Lab

During your child's computer time we use a variety of programs including Pixie, Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, Publisher, The Graph Club, Weebly, Movie Maker, and Photo Story to meet technology standards. I regularly collaborate with grade level teachers and often extend their classroom lessons into the lab. Students learn internet safety and how to be good digital citizens. They also regularly practice proper keyboarding skills with Type to Learn 4. Kindergarten students begin by learning proper mouse skills before moving into basic keyboarding midway through the year. We even spend some time learning the basic of computer coding when we celebrate "Computer Science Education Week" in December.

My goal 
is to provide the foundational technology skills necessary for our students to demonstrate, apply and communicate their learning so they will succeed in a global community.  

 Check out the eagles at Berry College and the pandas at Zoo Atlanta on the web cam page. So adorable!

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