What's Happening?

Computer Science Education Week and the HOUR OF CODE was a big success! Thanks to everyone who participated. Keep coding!  

During your child's computer time we will use many programs including Kid Pix, Kidspiration, Inspiration, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, and Photo Story. Students will learn internet safety and will practice proper keyboarding skills--as well as proper mouse skills for our kindergartners.  Our goal
is to provide the foundational technology skills necessary for our students to demonstrate, apply and
communicate their learning so they will succeed in a global community.  

 Check out the baby pandas at Zoo Atlanta and watch their progress on the web cam page. So adorable!

    Panda-babies-March-2014.jpg     Panda-babies-first-snow.jpg 
                           March 2014                                             Babies first snow!
   Panda-twins-September-2013.jpg     Panda-Twins-October-2013.jpg
                         September 2013                                            October 2013
   Panda-babies-November-2013.jpg      Panda-babies-with-mom-Nov-2013.jpg     
                                         Panda Twins with Mom-November 2013