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What Are We Working On?

Students will continue working on Point of View this week. We will work on it in small group and also whole group in our workbooks. Our genre for this week is historical fiction which is a blend of facts and events/characters that are not real. Our essential question is: How do inventions and technology affect your life?


Students will be working on pronoun/verb agreement this week in their small groups. In writing, students will continue to work on an opinion piece with our student teacher, Mr. Bell.  

Social Studies: Students will continue working on the American Revolution this week. We have already been discussing the French and Indian War and many of the taxes imposed on the colonies which ultimately led to the American Revolution. I have decided to break this unit into several smaller tests. The students will be taking small quizzes daily to check for understanding which will count as practice grades. I will then divide the unit into 3 tests which will all count as assessment grades. I am doing this to try and help with some low grades. It also allows me to make sure the students are understanding before they take their assessment.  

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