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What Are We Working On?

Students will continue to work on visualizingthis week. Visualizing is a fun skill because, as students read, they make pictures in their minds. As we read, we will be creating a lot of drawing. We will also tie this into our writing as we discuss creating writing pieces that help the reader visualize what they are reading by adding things like descriptive details. Cause and effect runs through all of our stories this week. We have discussed cause and effect relationships quite a bit in our previous units so this should just be a review. Our essential question is: What are some reasons people moved west? We are discussing stories this week that are tall tales and have characters that are larger than life and include many exaggerations (hyperboles).


Students will be working on articles this week in their small groups. In writing, students will work on a new opinion piece with Mr. Bell. They will create their own opinion topics and move toward publishing their own pieces. He opened the lesson with some awesome resources discussing passion. When we are passionate about what we are writing- it shows! We will also discuss homophones and homographs this week.

Social Studies: Students will test this week over the American Revolution and then we will be discussing forming the new nation. Our main focus will be on the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and moving on to form the Constitution.

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