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What Are We Working On?
In Reading, we will be discussing reasons why people moved west.
Genre: Informational Article
Informational articles are nonfiction. They provide information and facts about people, places, and things.
Comprehension Skill: Sequence
Sequence is one kind of text structure that authors use to organize the information in a text. Sequence is presenting information in time order. Words that signal time: first, next, last, finally
Comprehension Strategy: Summarizing
Students will work to create summaries of the passages they will read this week. A good summary needs to include a beginning, middle, and end. The information from the text should be paraphrased, or put into your own words.
Vocabulary Strategy: Proverbs and adages
Proverbs and adages are short sayings or expressions that have been used for a long time and express a general truth. Example: "all good things must come to an end" or "practice makes perfect"
Writing Strategy: Students will apply their historical understandings to a writing piece we will work on this week.
In Social Studies, students will be reviewing information for the GMAS.

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