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What Are We Working On?
In Reading, we will be discussing how we explain what we see in the night sky.
Genre: Expository Text
Students will discuss non-fiction text features that are found in an expository text. Another name for an expository text is informational or non-fiction.
Comprehension Skill: Cause and Effect
Students will read stories that discuss the moon and space. We will discuss the cause and effects found in the Earth's rotation, visibility of the moon, and the moon phases.
Comprehension Strategy: Ask and Answer Questions
Students will work to ask and answer questions before and during their readings for this week. This is a great strategy to get students focused and on task with a purpose as they read!
Vocabulary Strategy: Context Clues
Students will use context clues found in their reading passages to determine the meaning of unknown words. This strategy has been repeated and should just be a review.
Writing Strategy: Students will apply their historical understandings to a writing piece we will work on this week.
In Social Studies, students will be discussing the federal, state, and local governments. We will discuss their roles and responsibilities and how they help us as citizens.

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