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Above is my favorite quote of all time. Reading is my passion. Books can take us places we will never go otherwise. They can also make us feel like we belong. My job as your child's teacher is to foster a love of reading in your children they will carry with them forever.

Please use this website as an opportunity to communicate with me and have a heads up about what goes on in our classroom! If you have any suggestions on how to improve the website PLEASE do not hesitate.

What Are We Working On?

Reading: This week is somewhat of a review week. Students will be introduced to the elements of drama this week and also work on a Reader's Theatre sample piece.

Language: Students will be working on applying the language skills taught thus far into their writing this week.

Writing: This week, students will be working on writing a friendly letter about a challenge they have faced in their lives and how they dealt with it.

Spelling: Students will be reviewing all long vowel patterns we have discussed in this unit.

Social Studies: Students will enhance their understanding of Native Americans and how they use their environment to obtain food, clothing, and shelter. We will discuss the Pawnee, Kwakiutl, Inuit, Seminole, and Nez Perce in our explorations. This week we will be discussing the Nez Perce and Seminole Indians.

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