Peachtree Elementary Welcomes Parents
and Community Volunteers

Volunteers provide valuable assistance to Peachtree.  Parent volunteers
can choose to work with students academically, through the
media center, or in the front office. 

There are also opportunities for parents who work outside the home
to help the school.  You may be able to bake something for an event,
sew a costume or manage a project for a teacher. 

There's something to meet the interest of everyone!
We can always use volunteers in the following areas:

Book Fairs

Hands on Peachtree


Media Center

Field Day

PTA Projects   

Field Trips

Parent Center

Call the Parent Center @ 770-417-2458 or
through the PTA to join our team!
Peachtree Elementary School - IB World School 5995 Crooked Creek Road Main:770.448.8710
Fax: 770.417.2451