Peachtree's Counseling Program Philosophies


Statement of Philosophy

 * All students have worth.
 *  All students have the right to counseling services that assure dignity to the individual.
*   All students have access to developmentally appropriate counseling services with a focus on prevention.
*   All students have the right to a quality education.
*   All students have the ability to make academic progress with the proper support.

The school counseling program is a part of an interdisciplinary team that facilitates the educational, personal/social and career development of students.  Our goal is to create lifelong learners that are prepared to live in and contribute to a constantly changing interconnected world.
The counseling services are planned, reviewed and evaluated with the use of school data by the counseling team, administration and advisory committee.
Counselors participate in ongoing staff development and abide by the professional ethics as advocated by the American School Counseling Association, Georgia School Counseling Association, and Gwinnett County School Counseling Association.


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