Dealing with Change in Your Family


Have an upbeat, positive attitude about the change.

Your child will respond to your emotional cues.  If you have any misgivings about the change, your child will sense and respond to these feelings.


·         Discuss the change with your child.  Tell him/her that it is ok to express concerns and to be nervous.  If you have had any good experiences with a change that you initially dreaded, share the story with your child.  Include your feelings of fear and dread but emphasize the happy ending.


·         Your child may be feeling excited, sad, nervous, and upset (or any combination of these feelings).  Reassure them that these are all very normal and common.


·         Continue to encourage your child to take care of physical needs:


·          Be sure he/she continues to get plenty of sleep


·          Be sure he/she eats a healthy diet


·           Be sure he/she gets lots of exercise


·           Plan an extra fun activity with the family to help release stress through laughter and take his/her mind off of worries for a little while.




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