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27 November 17 My website has moved here 

02 October 2017 AP Calculus BC Test Review Answers are here.

10 Aug 2017 ... AP Calculus AB Classes follow this link to get today's notes

Accelerated Algebra 1 - Geometry A follow the link to today's notes

05 July 2017 ... The AP Scores are in GREAT JOB AP Calculus students!!!
Check out the Hall of Honor for 2017 and enjoy the rest of the summer!

24 May 2017 ... All new AP Calculus students AB and BC ... Here is a link to Solutions to the Diagnostic Quiz. You really need to do the work BEFORE you check each solution.

15 May 2017 ... All incoming AP Calculus AB Students...
Here are links to the info from the session, please print these, put in your notebook and bring to the first day of class.Class Remind code is @2ac99f to (912) 257-4178.

1. Summer Stuff
2. Letter from me.
3. Diagnostic quiz 
4. Ways to NOT succeed in this course.

11 May 2016 ... Students going to Tech, here is a link to a very good Linear Algebra text ... and it's free!

Check out the links pages. I have added a great resource to work on Algebra skills, it even includes games.
Also, check out the Khan Academy and Hippo Campus links for tutorial help in all Mathematics subjects.

Mr. Snope's NEED TO KNOW list
1st 25 Square Numbers and their roots
1st 10 Cubed Numbers and their roots
Powers of 2 through 2^10
Fraction to decimal and decimal to fraction conversion for 1/10 to 1/2 and all natural number fractions in between
Calculus students also need unit circle values MEMORIZED
Calculus students, if you miss a class please view the video lesson on the topic missed through the links page