About the Teacher

NAME: Nancy Bassery

SCHOOL: Smyrna Elementary

CLASS: Special Education, MOID, Grades 3-5

SCHOOL PHONE: 678-842-6741

I graduated from Florida Southern College with a Bachelors degree in 
Communications and an M.B.A. with emphasis in marketing. I worked in public 
relations, advertising, and marketing before my family and I moved to 
Marietta in 1996. I continued to work in marketing but it was becoming "just 
a job" with no purpose or fulfillment. I knew it was time for a change and 
began to look for ways I could pursue my real love - working with children.

In 1999 I became part of the Marietta City School System as a 2nd grade 
paraprofessional. I worked at Lockheed Elementary with a great team of 
teachers who taught me so much. I knew I wanted to become a teacher and 
through the encouragement of my family and co-workers I attended the teacher 
certification program at Brenau University. I thought I wanted to teach 2nd 
grade, but as I worked in my different classrooms, I found myself gravitating 
to those students who were a little bit slower and needed an extra bit of 
attention. I also had opportunities to observe Lockheed's small group 
classrooms and fell in love with students with intellectual disabilities. I 
knew what my focus was going to be at Brenau!

In March 2005 I was hired at Brown Elementary to teach the SID/PID classroom. 
What a wonderful journey it has been since I was told "we would like you to 
join us at Brown Elementary!" In 2007 some changes were made and I became the 
MOID teacher. In 2013 we moved into the beautiful facilities at Smyrna 

I enjoy working with and getting to know and understand my wonderful 
students so much. I love the challenges presented in helping my students 
grow, learn, and communicate. My goal is to embrace each child and offer 
encouragement to help each one become their very best.

You can communicate with me at:


Our classroom mission statement:

R esponsible behavior.
E nthusiastic learners!
S ynergize.
P repared to do our best.
E nergetic!
C ooperate with others.
T ogether we are totally awesome!