Susan Brownlee - Teacher

Ms. Brownlee’s March News!

 Mr. Michael, Mr. Stu, and 4 first-graders


We will be reading about animals in Science.  We’ll continue this theme in literature by reading Bunnicula, Moosetache, and Rikki Tikki Tavi.


In Math, we are practicing fractions  on worksheets and during cooking projects.  We will also be learning to compare values using the less than, greater than, and less than symbols.


In Social Studies, we will study famous people including George Washington Carver, Harriet Tubman, Thomas Jefferson, Lewis and Clark, and Teddy Roosevelt.


When other teachers compliment us, we earn softballs on our classroom behavior chart.  We’re very close to having our second lunch party because we are close to earning FIFTY softballs.


On March 7, we will have fun at the Motor Skills Circus Carnival.  Also in March, we will be singing with all the Sweet Apple first graders in the Weather the Weather Show.







Mrs. Brownlee - Teacher
Michael Gordon - Assistant
Stuart Stall - Assistant