A Note from Sixth Grade
September 17, 2012

We have recently completed our first chapter in math. We will begin Chapter 3, Algebra: Integers.  During the first few lessons we will be working with positive and negative integers and absolute value.  The students will receive a new syllabus for this chapter.  Please note that this syllabus becomes a study guide for the chapter.  The students should have this in class each day.  A Mid-Chapter Quiz should be expected the latter part of next week.

This week we begin Section 2 of Chapter 2, Classifying Organisms.  Below are vocabulary words that will be introduced this week:  classification, taxonomy, binomial nomenclature, domain, kingdom, phyla class, order, family, genus, species,prokaryotes eukaryotes, archaea, and bacteria. The students will receive a study guide that helps explain many of these terms.  The students should have these guides in each science class.