5th Grade Behavior Management Plan

Classroom Discipline Plan – 5th Grade


In order to enforce the rules of our school and in the classroom, we want to inform you of our classroom discipline procedures and student expectations.  We use a system of rules, consequences, and rewards to motivate students to be responsible for their own behavior.  Good behavior is critical to being successful in Britt David's accelerated academic program.  The following is a list of class rules, consequences, rewards, and conduct grading policy:



1.     I will listen to and follow directions.

2.    I will raise my hand and wait for permission to speak.

3.    I will stay in my seat unless I have permission to do otherwise.

4.    I will show respect to our classmates and all adults.

5.    I will work quietly.

6.    I will always do my best and turn in quality work.

7.    I will come to class prepared.

8.    I will turn in homework in on a timely basis




Conduct Grade / 5th Grade Discipline Plan

            All students begin the 9 weeks with a 3 on the report card on the conduct components. Signing the conduct book for infractions of classroom/school rules can occur from: action plans to office referrals. The student’s number on the standards based report card will be determined by the amount of time he or she signs the conduct book and consistently breaks the classroom rules.


Conduct Sheet:

Students will have individual conduct sheets. The student will sign the “Conduct Book” for each infraction of class rules; the student will write the reason for signing the “Conduct Book”.  The conduct book will be used to determine the score of a 3, 2, or 1 on the standards based report card. 


Action Plan:

For other conduct infractions are occurring on a regular basis, the student will write an action plan. It will be sent home for the parent to sign, and it will be returned the next day.  Please note that notes / action plans not returned to school the next day can result in the loss of additional points.  Habitual violation can lead to an office referral.





Automatic office referrals:

Students will be referred to the office for serious offenses such as forgery, fighting, threats, bullying, etc.  A student may also be referred when he/she habitually breaks the classroom rules.



          Coming to school prepared is an integral part of being successful in 5th grade.  It plays a key role in assuming responsibility.  Our magnet program is not a place for nonconforming or unmotivated students.  It is a specialty school that students ask to attend because of a special interest or ability.  Attending is a privilege that can be revoked if students refuse to obey rules and maintain academic standards. 



          1. Positive notes sent home

          2. Recognized with other students by our principal at the          end of the 9 weeks

            3. Special treats/ rewards


At Britt David Magnet Academy, we are committed to creating an environment where teachers can teach and students can learn.  It is my intent to reinforce positive behaviors and this system allows us to accomplish this.  Please reinforce the idea that each child is responsible for his/her behavior.  Self-discipline is one of the best lessons a child can learn!



Appropriate attire and tennis shoes are MANDATORY for outside and during Physical Education time.  Participating in Physical Education activities are required by each student, and appropriate attire is necessary due to exercise movement and safety reasons.