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Character Education Calendar 2015-2016


Showing regard for the worth of someone or something.

August (wk 1) Self-respect* Pride and belief in one's self and in achievement of one's potential.
August (wk 2) Respect for Others* Concern for and motivation to act for the welfare of others.
August (wk 3) Respect for Authority Respect for those individuals who are in positions of responsibility.
September (wk 4) Respect for Learning and Punctuality* Appreciation for the importance of and effort involved in acquiring knowledge. Showing high regard for the worth of promptness.


Steadfast adherence to a strict code of moral, ethical or artistic values; to consistently be truthful, sincere, and fair.

Keeping one's word

September (wk 5) Honesty* Truthfulness and sincerity; free from deception.
September (wk 6) Trustworthiness Worthy of confidence; reliable; dependable.
September (wk 7) Self-control The power to direct or regulate your actions and emotions.
October (wk 8) Justice / Fairness* Correct, proper, and reasonable treatment of behavior and viewpoints of others.


Taking care of one's self and others; to carry out a duty or task carefully and thoroughly.

October (wk 9) Cheerfulness*/ Positive Attitude Good humored, bright and pleasant. Realistic positive confidence of feeling toward one's self.
October (wk 10) Accountability Being responsible for your decisions and actions; dependable.
October (wk 11) Honor A sense of what is right, just and true; privilege.
October (wk 12) School Pride / Cleanliness* Care and satisfaction of your school's environment, achievement and success.


Respectful devotion or allegiance to one's country and/or school.


(wk 13)

Democracy Individual, responsible participation in decision-making; government by the people.


(wk 14)

Patriotism* Respectful devotion or love to one's country.


(wk 15)

Service* to Others Useful, usable, and required duty to others.


Showing concern or sympathy for others.


(wk 16)

Gratitude A feeling of thankful appreciation for benefits received.


(wk 17)

Generosity Unselfish willingness to give and share your time and talents in your community.


(wk 18)

Kindness* Being gentle, willing to help, friendly, courteous, and considerate.


The capacity to successfully manage high levels of change.


(wk 19)

Humility Willingness to admit mistakes and take responsibility; not pretentious.


(wk 20)

Self-confidence / Empowerment Realistic positive attitude about, and trust in one�s self; sense of security, and self-assurance.


(wk 21)

Flexibility*/ Creativity Adaptability and versatility; clever, imaginative, and inventive.


(wk 22)

Initiative / Effort Proactive; thinking and taking action on your own; industry.


(wk 23)

Self-reliance Relying on one's own abilities, efforts, or judgments.


Consideration for the individual differences, views and beliefs of other people.


(wk 24)

Acceptance Recognition of the diversity of others, their opinions, practices, and culture.


(wk 25)

Forgiveness Benefiting yourself and others by ceasing to feel resentment towards others.


(wk 26)

Cooperation*/ Sportsmanship* Working together for a common purpose. The ability to take winning and losing without gloating or complaining.
March (wk 27) Courtesy / Civility* Polite, civil, and courteous behavior towards others in words and action.

The obligation or pledge to carry out some action or to support some policy or person

March (wk 28) Dedication / Loyalty Sense of commitment and duty.
March (wk 29) Respect for the Environment* The conservation and care of your surroundings and planet earth.
March (wk 30) Motivation The desire to move towards a goal.

April (wk 31)

Leadership The ability to take on every task with a sense of purpose and caring for those around them.


Pride and appreciation for attaining one's goals.

April (wk 32) Perseverance* Working hard without giving up.

April (wk 33)

Courage* To meet a challenge without giving in to fear.
April (wk 34) Patience* / Moderation The power to wait calmly without complaining; avoiding extremes.
May (wk 35) Wisdom Good judgment; ability to make reasoned decisions; insight.

May (wk 36)

Character Reflect on your Understanding (Thinking), Caring About (Feeling), and Acting Upon (Behavior) in becoming a good example of positive character this year. A summary.

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