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School year 2016-2017.


Week of  Mar 20:      Notes are posted under the class tabs to the left.

AP CALCULUS:     Apps test is Monday/Tuesday.  Project due Tuesday for 8th period.  First APMC is Wed/Thursday.

LOOK under links for a link to SLADER that has all homework questions from your book worked out

M/T:  Apps of integrals test    HW A22  Derivatives skill drill
W/T:  APMC #1 
 HW A23  Tan lines
F/M:  Review APMC 1; HW A24  Inc/Dec/CUP Cdown

OQ #9  Volumes due Thursday Midnight

 Please register as a new user for online quizzes at Your class is AP Calculus and your enrollment code is calculus.

Trig functions review of quizlet:

TRANSITIONAL ALGEBRA:    Continue writing equations of lines

M/T:  Quiz Point slope HW None
W/Th:  Intro to Polynomials  HW A25
:  Puzzle day  HW none

    Continue Unit 3B. Note Navy and Gold are on different schedules this week.  Gold is one day behind. 
 M (navy):   3.3 properties of logs  HW A20  3.3
T (gold) : 3.2 log functions  HW A20 3.2
W (navy):  3.4  Solve logs HW A21 3.4
Th (gold):  3.3 log functions HW A21  3.3
F (navy):   SAT practice:  HW A22 circuit SAT

Test Bonus    All Classes.   The number 10 is a triangular number.  Define what a triangular number is and give an example greater than 10. 


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