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School year 2015-2016.


Week of  Aug 31. PRACTICE ACT Wednesday = NO Classes.  Notes are posted under the class tabs to the left.

AP Calculus
Mon/Tuesday:  Trig Review; HW limit review

Thur/Fri:  Limit test!!  Hw AP style limit worksheet

Quiz 1.2/1.3 is due Thursday.  Quiz on 1.4/1.5 opens.  
Please register as a new user for online quizzes at Your class is AP Calculus and your enrollment code is calculus. Summer Packet is due Sep 3/4.

Mon/Tues:  Function Analysis, HW A6 Worksheet

Thurs/Fri:  2.5/2.6 Special Functions /piecewise, HW A7

First quiz close Wednesday  midnight on 2.2-2.4.  OQ#2 opens Thursday on functions.

  Please register as a new user for online quizzes at Your class is Brady Alg2/trig and your enrollment code is bears.

Algebra II
Tuesday: 1.4/1.6 Absolute values  HW A5
Fri:   Review for chapter 1 test.

Quiz on 1.4-1.6 is Friday

Test Bonus
. All Classes. Write your answer next to your name on your test paper. 

Write an example of a palindromic number.


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