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Welcome Back for School year 2014-2015.

New Online calculator that you don't have to download!

Free online graphing calculator.  Download and follow the instructions for a wabbitemulator.

Week of  Oct 20.        Continue chapter 5.  Algebra 2 will have Mid 5 test next Monday and Tuesday. 

Alg 2/Trig:   We cover 5.6, 5.7 and 5.8 this week.  5.5/5.6 quiz due this Wednesday.   
Register at for on line quizzes.  

Algebra II
:    We will finish 5.3 long division , 5.3 synthetic division and review for our mid chapter test this week.  Your mid chapter test will be next Monday/Tuesday.   Your  factoring quiz is due Wednesday.        
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Bonus next test
.  All Classes.  Write your answer next to your name on your test paper.  

Write the first 6 numbers of the Fibonacci sequence and describe how to get the next term. 

If you need to download free powerpoint viewer go to this site from Microsoft.