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School year 2016-2017.


Week of  Oct 23:  Penn State upsets #2 Ohio State!!   
 Notes are posted under the class tabs to the left.

AP CALCULUS:    Continue Advanced Derivatives; Related Rates project assigned 

M/T:  Related Rates HW A20
Th:  Related Rates Part 2 HW A21  
F/M:  Advanced Derivatives review 

LOOK under links for a link to SLADER that has all homework questions from your book worked out

Online Quiz 8 e and inverses is due Thursday Midnight:  OQ9 opens Friday 

 Please register as a new user for online quizzes at Your class is AP Calculus and your enrollment code is calculus.

Trig functions review of quizlet:

TRANSITIONAL ALGEBRA:   Continue with advanced Equation Solving

M/T:  Variables on both sides HW A21
W/Th: Variables on both sides multi step HW A22
F/M: Practice Variables on both sides HW A23

   Finish Midterm this week.   Start Identities.

M/T:  Finish Midterm no calculator.  Start 7.1 intro to identities.  HW A24
W/Th:  7.2 Verify Identities  HW A25
F/M:  7.3  Sum and difference Identities HW A26

Test Bon
All Classes. Write your answer next to your name on your test paper. 

Cryptography is one of the most advanced applications in mathematics.  Who was  a British mathematician and computer scientist who cracked the German Enigma codes in the Second World War, contributed to mathematical logic and played an important role in the development of algorithms, artificial intelligence and the modern computer.  The recent movie "The Imitation Game" was about his life.


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