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Welcome Back for School year 2014-2015.

New Online calculator that you don't have to download!

Free online graphing calculator.  Download and follow the instructions for a wabbitemulator.

Week of  Oct 27.       Algebra 2 will have Mid 5 test Monday and Tuesday.  Algebra 2/Trig chapter 5 test is Friday/Monday.

Alg 2/Trig:   We finish cahpter 5 with 5.9 complex numbers and then review.  Your test is Friday and next Monday.  5.7 quiz due this Wednesday.   
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Algebra II
:    We start the week with our midchapter test.  Then we cover 5.5 and 5.6.   Your  divison quiz is due Wednesday.        
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Bonus next test
.  All Classes.  Write your answer next to your name on your test paper.  

Which Greek mathematican first conceived the notion of  imaginary numbers? 

If you need to download free powerpoint viewer go to this site from Microsoft.