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Welcome Back for School year 2014-2015.

New Online calculator that you don't have to download!

Free online graphing calculator.  Download and follow the instructions for a wabbitemulator.

Week of  Feb 23.     Notes are posted under the sem 2 tab for your class on the left. 

Alg 2/Trig
:   Finish chapter 10 test.    Quiz on 10.4-10.6 due Wed.    Video project checkpoint 2 due Feb 24/25.  Final project due date Mar 3/4.  Problem slving this week.  Next week start chapter 9.
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Algebra II
:    Chapter 7 review is MOnday.  Chapter 7 test is Tuesday/Wednesday.  
Quiz on 7.5 and 7.6 due this week.  Start chapter 10.  If you are new to the class make sure to enroll in the online quiz site below.  Your enrollment key is bears

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Bonus next test
.  All Classes.  Write your answer next to your name on your test paper.  

Which mathematician who is credited with helping to break the "unbreakable" German enigma code was featured in the movie "The imitation game"?

If you need to download free powerpoint viewer go to this site from Microsoft.