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School year 2015-2016.


Week of  Feb 8.      Notes are posted under the class tabs to the left. Please look under semester 2.

AP Calculus:    LOOK under links for a link to SLADER that has all homework questions from your book worked out.  

Mon/Tues:  5.2 ln integration       HW A10
Wed/Thur:  5.4/5.5/5.6  e and inverse trig  HW A11 
Fri/Mon:  6.1/2   slope fields HWA12

USUB partner work due Fri/Mon.
Quiz #4  4.5 Usub is due!!! Midnight Thursday.

Please register as a new user for online quizzes at Your class is AP Calculus and your enrollment code is calculus. 

Trig functions review of quizlet:

Trig: Continue chapter 10. 

Mon/Tues::  10.3  properties of logs HW A11   INTRODUCE VIDEO PROJECT
WEd/Thur:  10.4/5  Common log and natural log HW A12 
Fri/Mon:  10.6 Model and solve exponential functions

Online  Quiz 4, 10.1.   If you are new to my class from Ms Patrick you must enroll in Brady Alg2/Trig.  Enrolment code is bears.  You do not need a new username and password.

Please register as a new user for online quizzes at Your class is Brady Alg2/trig and your enrollment code is bears.

Algebra II Finish chapter 6 and Angry Birds Project

Mon/Tues:   Project Angry Birds
Wed/Thurs:   Project Angry birds   and quiz 6.1, 6.6
Fri/Mon:  10.1 HW 10

Angry Birds project due  Friday/Monday

Test Bon
  All Classes. Write your answer next to your name on your test paper. 
What is the value of   eiπ   


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Free online graphing calculator for computer of phone. Download and follow the instructions for a wabbitemulator.

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