Civil War: Mission Possible

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Hey again, Page Turner here with some direction for how you can help me 
investigate further.  I need your help in putting together a news magazine to 
help keep people informed of what is developing in our nation.  Your magazine 
should focus on key players and events that are leading our nation towards the
greatest struggles seen within our own borders to date.  To help create this 
magazine, your groups members along with you will need to divide up the tasks 
and responsibilities after exploring the following four roles:

Investigative Reporter 

Human Biographer 

Magazine Editor

Your team will have four (4) days in various computer labs to work on the 
magazines.  After those four (4) days in the lab, your team will have two (2)
days to work in the classroom to complete your magazines.  That gives this 
team a total of (6) days in the lab and classroom to get the magazine done.

Good Luck and Thanks for the Help...


Page Turner
News Editor and CEO
John Adams News Network

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