Civil War: Mission Possible

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You have now finished your News Magazine...Congratulations.  I am looking 
forward to reading your publication, as is the rest of the class.  As a 
follow up to this activity, there is one thing that you need to complete to 
wrap up...and that is a self reflection.  Please answer the following 
questions as a way to look back at the activity.

1.  What was my job in completing the news magazine?

2.  What did I do to complete my job? (Be specific)

3.  In what ways was I a helpful teammate on this activity?

4.  What do I need to do next time to be a better teammate?

5.  What did I learn from my teammates about working together?

6.  What are my overall thoughts about this activity?

7.  Is there anything I would like to see changed or added to this activity?

Please email your responses to following questions to Mr. Berkley by May 14, 
2008.  You can access my email by visiting the Mason City Community Schools 
Website (www.masoncityschools.com).  You can also send your responses in the 
form of messages by logging into www.classjump.com/JAMS8SS and sending me a 
message.  If all else fails...please print and write responses and then turn 
it in.


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