Civil War: Mission Possible

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Cartographer (Map Maker)

A Cartographer is a map maker.  A map maker will make his/her maps by hand
and not using pre-made maps on a computer. A map maker can use technology to make the maps, 
but they are not allowed to copy someone else's work.

As the cartographer for your magazine, you will need to provide your group 
with information that shows the growth of our nation at various times.  You 
will need to create maps of the U.S. at various point in time leading up to the 
start of the Civil War in 1861.  In 1861, the United States was divided 
into two separate nations, the U.S. and the Confederate States of America. 
It is your job to report the updates and changes to our nation along the way via 
the growth using maps.  Here is a complete list of what you 
need to put together for your part of the group magazine.

1.  You will need 5 different Maps
     *Map of the United States in 1800

     *Map of the United States in 1820

     *Map of the United States in 1850

     *Map of the United States in 1860

     *Map of the United States in 1861 at the Start of the Civil War

2.  Along with your maps, you will need to have a written explanation for
    some events. A short article in the magazine to go along with the maps   
    listed below:

     *Map of United States in 1820: You will need the number of Free States
      vs. Slave States and explain how the Missouri Compromise established
      a rule for admitting free states and slave states.

     *Map of the United States in 1850:  You will need the number of Free
      States vs. Slave States and explain how the Compromise of 1850 set up
      a rule for admitting slave states and free states to the United States.

     *Map of the United States in 1861:  You need to identify which states 
      were with the United States at the start of the war, which states were
      part of the Confederacy at the start of the war, and which states
      were neutral at the start of the war.

3.  Your maps must be in color and they must also have a map key to explain
    the various colors that you have used.

4. All maps must be made by hand (that is why they are called map makers).

Feel free to use any of the other resources listed under the other role 

Online Resources to Consider

This site has all the maps you need to help assist your map 
making needs.  

Just scroll down to Territorial Growth once you get there and 
select the year.
University of Texas Library Online

Library of Congress

University of Virginia Historical Maps

Historical Maps of the National Park Service

History Channel

The History Place

The American Civil War Website

The Civil War Home Website

PBS Online

Noodle Tools

Non-Web Based Resources

American Nation Socials Studies Text Book

World Book Encyclopedia


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