Civil War: Mission Possible

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Investigative Reporter

Duties of the Investigative Reporter

As the Investigative Reporter, it is your responsibility to dig for the 
truth and find out information connected to some major events that led up to 
the Civil War.  You will need to conduct some research surrounding several 
topics and report that news to the readers of your magazine.  You will need 
to write an article over each event listed below and be sure to answer each 
question that is being asked below.

As with any research report we need to make sure we cite our sources 
and also that plagiarism is not acceptable. 
Good Luck as you search for the truth to the following topics:

1. Kansas-Nebraska Act (Bleeding Kansas)
     *What is the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
     *How did it lead to what people consider to be 'Bleeding Kansas?'
     *How did the act lead to an increase in tensions between abolitionists
      and slave owners?
     *When was the Act passed and who proposed it?

2. Missouri Compromise of 1820 and the Compromise of 1850
     *What did each Compromise do to ease tensions between the North and
     *Be sure to explain the specifics of both Compromises.

3. South Carolina and Secession
     *What is Secession?
     *What were the reasons that South Carolina wanted to secede?
     *Discuss the order of and who was involved in the secession from the
      United States.

4. Election of 1860
     *Discuss the impact of the Election of 1860 on the relationship between
      slave states and free states.
     *What role did the election play in sparking war between the North and
      the South?

Any other important information that you find out about these topics that 
you would like to include would also be welcomed and very informative 
reading for your classmates.  I would really enjoy reading any additional 
research you were able to complete during your investigation.

Feel free to use any of the other resources found under the other role pages 
to aid in your search.

Web Resources to Investigate

Library of Congress

Official Website of the White House

American Civil War.Com

Official Website of Civil War Home.com

Lincoln Archives

History Channel

History Place


Noodle Tools

Non-Web Based Resources

American Nation Social Studies Textbook

World Book Enclyopedia


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