Civil War: Mission Possible

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Magazine Editor

Duties of the Editorial Director

As the Editorial Director, you have several responsibilities to fulfill.  

1. Design the cover of your news magazine.  Ask your team members for input 
   on a Magazine Title (Be Creative) 

2. Write the Magazines Opinion page (Editor's Comments) 

   A) One editorial should be written as person who is living in the south   
      before the start of the war. 
   B) One editorial should be written as a person who is living in the north 
      before the start of the war.

   C) One editorial will be that of the editor of the magazine (that's you).

**Between all three editorials, you should have 1 of them Pro-Slavery (for it)
  1 of them Anti-Slavery (against it), and 1 of them Neutral (they don't care 
  either way).

***You may want to consider using these websites to search for biographies or 
stories that relate to the viewpoints listed above.  (Abolitionist and Pro-
slavery)  You can figure that out by reading through any of chapter 16 in 
your social studies textbook.  If you have any further questions, please ask 
the teacher.

3. You will work with your team to make sure they have their materials.

4. You will decide the order of the groups work in the magazine.  That means 
   that you decide the format and the layout of the magazine. 

Feel free to use any of the other role pages to find additional resources.

Web Based Resources

History Channel

History Place

Library of Congress

The Official website of the White House

American Civil War Website

Civil War Home Website


Discovery Channel

Noodle Tools

Use the school's username and password to access the Encyclopedia 
online....a great resource.
World Book Online

Non-Web Based Resources

American Nation Social Studies Textbook

World Book Encyclopedia


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