News from Mrs. Snyder's Room

News from

Mrs. Snyder’s Room

Dates to Remember

Kuna Fire Department Visit:

October 9th

Kinderate with Sifu Snyder

October 20th

Linder Farms Field Trip:

October 23th

Communication Folders Due Back to School Every Thursday

NO School:

October 5th and 6th

Our Learning Targets for the Week Included:

1.I can describe the job of the author and illustrator of a book.
2.I can accurately produce the sounds for the letters q, r, s, t, & u.
3.I can sort objects by more than one attribute.
4.I can draw a picture and label it and/or write a sentence.
5.I can explain why Johnny Appleseed is an important historical figure.

Weekly Specials

Mondays: Music & P.E.

Tuesdays: Library

Thursdays: Library & Music

Fridays: P.E.

Please make sure your child wears appropriate footwear on the days we go to P.E. and we exchange books every Tuesday during our library time.

Coming Up Next Week

Phonics Focus: A-U

Sight Words: I & like

Theme: Three Little Pigs

Special Celebrations:

PAWS Student of the Month: Mackenzie