End- of- Year Calendar:


Thursday, June 15thBell School’s Annual Field Day- Students will participate in fun events from 8:30-9:30 on the south lot. Parent volunteers are encouraged. Our grade level color is BLUE. Please make sure your child wears BLUE today!



Friday, June 16th Book Swap Day & Reading and Relaxation Day- Each student may bring up to 3 books that they have already read and would like to exchange for different books. What a great way to get new reading material for the summer, without spending money! Only students that bring books will participate in the book swap, and each student will go home with the number of books he/she brought. Search those closets and bookshelves and let’s encourage summer reading! Please remember to bring books that are age appropriate.



Tuesday, June 20th- Last Day of SchoolWe will celebrate with a movie and snacks (Using Bell’s approved snack list). Report cards will be distributed. If you are unable to attend school on this day, you can pick up your child’s report card in the main office when the school is open during the summer.



Promotion Letters:

Please check your child’s home folder today. I will be sending home letters from CPS about the promotion from third to fourth grade. Third grade is a benchmark year. Students that do not meet the grade and test requirements are required to go to summer school. If you have any questions, please email me.



Math Workbooks:

We did not finish Chapter 10 or get to Chapter 2 in our math series. I am sending these books home with your child. Please hold on to them for math practice over the summer. The GUM (Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics) book was also sent home. These are great resources to use during the summer.



Math Facts Expectations for Fourth Grade:

A letter will be sent home, but the following are the math facts expectations for fourth grade. Please work on these skills over the summer so your child is prepared for next school year!

Weekly: 50 facts in 2 minutes

Quarter 1: Mixed addition/subtraction/multiplication

Quarter 2: Division facts 0-5

Quarter 3: Division facts 6-12

Quarter 4: Mixed addition/subtraction/multiplication/division

Facts are 15% of quarterly grade



Flash cards

Practice with timed tests using pencil and paper

Changes in Grading During 4th Quarter:

Your child is almost a fourth grader! This year, and for years before me, their teachers have discussed the importance: putting their name on their paper, beginning a sentence with a capital letter, using proper punctuation (Or any at all…please!), using the question or text to help with spelling, and writing in complete sentences!

Unfortunately, many students are not employing the above mentioned writing requirements. As an attempt to help encourage your children to make this practices second nature, I will be taking points off for the following:

-A missing name on a paper will now be -5 points (Was -2 points).

-Missing capitalization at the beginning of a sentence or with most proper nouns, (Especially his or her own name) will be -1 point each.

-Missing punctuation -1 point each.


Multiplication Practice:

Please continue to have your child practice multiplication facts. Students will need a solid foundation entering fourth grade, and multiplication proficiency helps greatly with other areas of math! Keep up the great work!


As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel to contact me at, via backpack mail, or leave a message with the main office at 773-534-5150.

Warm regards,

Ms. Tsamoulos