Chicago Field Trip- Tuesday, May 30th

Tuesday is our exciting field trip to downtown Chicago. In preparation for the field trip, please consider the following:

-Make sure your child dresses for the weather.

-If weather calls for a sunny day, please make sure to apply sunscreen to your child before school.

-Your child should eat a healthy breakfast (We will be eating lunch a little later than usual).

-Provide your child a bag lunch (In a disposable bag).

-Students will not be allowed to shop for souvenirs or buy snacks Please do not send money with your child.

-Your child may bring a camera. This is at your discretion. Please note that all adults on the trip will not be responsible for lost or damaged cameras. Adults will not be holding cameras for child.

At approximately 12:30 P.M, we will be arriving at Millennium Park for our picnic lunch (Weather permitting). All parents are welcome to join us at the park. We generally find a large green space to sit and enjoy our lunch just south of the Bean. Our lunch location cannot be predetermined, so we must sit wherever there is space. Sitting in the large, grassy pavilion area is not permitted, so we find space somewhere in that general vicinity. Please feel free to join us!



School Spirt Week- Tuesday, May 29- Friday, June 2

Show your Bell Spirit!

Tuesday, May 30- Twin Day – Match your outfit with your friends! Let’s see how many twins, triplets, or more we can find!

*Please note: This is the day of our field trip!

Wednesday, May 31- Famous Person Day- Dress up as your favorite famous person…from Presidents to Superstars!

Thursday, June 1-
Superhero Day- Dress up as your favorite Superhero to save the world!

Friday, June 2-
RED OUT & Hair-A-Palooza!! (Bell Spirit Day)- Dress yourself in as much RED as possible & wear wacky hair.

“Change for Change”

5th Annual Grade VS Grace Change War Benefiting St. Jude Hospital

Tuesday- Friday during Spirit Week!

Coins ADD points to your grade level & bills DEDUCT from another grade!



Changes in Grading During 4th Quarter:

Your child is almost a fourth grader! This year, and for years before me, their teachers have discussed the importance: putting their name on their paper, beginning a sentence with a capital letter, using proper punctuation (Or any at all…please!), using the question or text to help with spelling, and writing in complete sentences!

Unfortunately, many students are not employing the above mentioned writing requirements. As an attempt to help encourage your children to make this practices second nature, I will be taking points off for the following:

-A missing name on a paper will now be -5 points (Was -2 points).

-Missing capitalization at the beginning of a sentence or with most proper nouns, (Especially his or her own name) will be -1 point each.

-Missing punctuation -1 point each.


Multiplication Practice:

Please continue to have your child practice multiplication facts. Students will need a solid foundation entering fourth grade, and multiplication proficiency helps greatly with other areas of math! Keep up the great work!


As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel to contact me at, via backpack mail, or leave a message with the main office at 773-534-5150.

Warm regards,

Ms. Tsamoulos